Common Ways Canadians Get in Trouble with the Law

We like to think of themselves as normal people who abide by the law. But even “normal” people occasionally get arrested for minor infractions. Are you an otherwise law-abiding citizen who may also occasionally jaywalk? No one is perfect.

The commonest violations of the law are usually minor, but some common violations do have lifetime repercussions. Here is an overview of common ways even an ordinary Canadian could get arrested for or face a lawsuit:

Parking Tickets

Parking is a nuisance in most cities, so it may seem normal that a good number of law-abiding drivers end up with parking violations. Sometimes it may seem worthwhile to park somewhere and face a fine than to drive up two blocks and walk back to the destination. Urban congestion is a major contributor to this problem.

While getting a parking ticket is not really a big deal in terms of criminal law, having one in your name could get you in the system. Most employers don’t discriminate against potential hires just because they got a parking ticket once. However, if you rack these charges up and don’t pay the fines on time, you could face more serious charges.

Driving Under Influence

From the very first driving class, we are constantly told don’t drink and drive! And yet, most municipalities tend to rack up DUI violations. Unlike a speeding ticket, drinking and driving is a very serious charge. You could potentially lose your driver’s license and a charge would permanently tarnish your record as a good driver.

Driving under the influence no longer just applies to alcohol. Some Canadians are unaware that even marijuana use counts as being under influence. If you get cited, do call up MassTsang DUI lawyers in GTA as the charges are serious.

Speeding Tickets

Who hasn’t occasionally hit the gas a bit too much when it’s really late for work or school? Speeding tickets is another very common violation seemingly normal people face. The seriousness of this violation may depend on how much you were speeding considering the speed limit. However, a speeding ticket could land you in the courthouse.

Sometimes speeding tickets are issued in error, in which case they would be dismissed. But to spot an error you have to be aware of the speed limit and your driving speed. Some drivers keep radar detectors in their vehicles to avoid cops are troopers lying in wait for speeders. But keep in mind that speed limits are there for a reason. You are risking a road accident, or worse, actually hit someone, when you drive above the designated limit.

Disorderly Conduct in Public

No one really imagines getting arrested for disorderly conduct in a public place. But things may not be in your favour if you are drunk. Most people love to indulge during those happy hours. But afterwards, make sure you call a cab and go home. Ending up on the streets drunk and harassing other people would lead to this very embarrassing charge.

Disorderly conduct could also mean non-alcohol related but nevertheless nuisance behaviour in public, such as yelling at others in a public place. The streets are not your home, so behave accordingly to avoid a situation where you may have to explain this charge to a potential employer.

There are no perfect citizens. Still, we can do something to improve our behaviour to avoid common charges. As mentioned earlier, some charges are minor, but you would nevertheless end up with a record.

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