Why Your Home Needs Drain Cleaning

You know how when you flush the toilet or run water in your sinks or bathtub, you have drains that just don’t want to move at all, or they move extremely slow on letting the water out. When this happens, the standing or slow draining water can lead to other further problems, and it can mean that your drains are caused by either the immediate drain, or even worse, your drain pipe that leads out to the sewer. Therefore, you need to know exactly why your home can benefit from professional drain cleaning, and in this guide we’re going to tell you.

The Benefits of Getting Professional Plumbers for Drain Cleaning

One of the main reasons that you’ll want to clean your drains regularly (at least once or twice a year) is so you can keep blockages out of your sewer lines. Some people like to go out to the store and immediately think that a strong bottle of Draino® will eliminate their problems, but a plumber doesn’t recommend this method.

These cleaners can actually break down your pipes and cause more problems in the future. The best practice is that if you can’t plunge the problem, or if your drains are running slow past the point of the immediate drain (or multiple drains in your home at the same time), then you may have a problem with your sewer line and should call a plumber.

You Can Eliminate Bacteria and Odors

Another reason that you’ll want to clean your drains regularly, is because harmful bacteria can collect quickly in standing water. This bacteria, as well as other things in your water can cause horrible odors as well, making your drains always smell terrible, and even cause mold to grow in them. When you have sewage trapped in your pipe, not only can it damage your pipe, but it can damage your health, and the different bacterias in your pipes can actually travel backwards and become airborne, making it a potential risk for you or your family.

Aggressive Professional Cleaning is Cheaper in the Long Run

One thing you may notice about those who constantly buy drain cleaning chemicals throughout the year, is that they’re constantly having to run to the store. This can result in hundreds of dollars spent. When your severely clogged drains get worse, they can actually cause water damage in your home and other problems, resulting in more than just a plumber being needed. By having your drains regularly cleaned, you can avoid having to spend more money over a period of time, as your drains will stay clean and clear regularly as long as you follow your plumber’s advice.


For the best drain cleaning in the San Diego area, you’ll want to contact one of the highest rated plumbers in the area. Fortunately, we’ve found that Core Plumbing Services is a team that has been able to follow through, and they even have the Angie’s List and SuperPro awards to prove it. This fully licensed and insured father and son team will make you feel like part of the family and also know how to work with your budget and even offer payment plans.

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