9 Must-Have Guitar Accessories for Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar

Every guitarist needs some accessories to play his/her guitar in the right way. Although having a guitar is itself an investment, you need to have some accessories for your instrument. Accessories help you play the guitar quickly, produce unique sounds, change the strings easily, and perform better at music events.

If you go to search for guitar accessories, you will find hundreds of companies making them and all are different. However, every guitar is different and requires various accessories to play and maintain them. This post shares some accessories for acoustic, electric and bass guitars.


Before playing any guitar, whether it is acoustic, electric or bass guitar, you need to tune it. Clip-on tuners can help you to tune your guitar. They come with a sensitive vibration sensor to pick up guitar notes easily. You can use a clip-on tuner to tune your acoustic or bass guitar. All you need is to clip the tuner to your guitar headstock and tune your instrument.

You can clip a clip-on guitar tuner to the head of your guitar, and it will tell you the frequency of your sounds. The main advantage is that it does not pick up the background noise as it picks the vibrations from the neck only.

Gig bags and cases

A guitar is an investment, and you need to protect it in some case or cover. A gig bag or case helps you to cover and carry your guitar on your back. It not only protects your guitar but also enables you to store its accessories. A high-quality bag or case protects your guitar from bumps, bangs, and thumps.

Although a soft carry bag works well, a hard shell cover is best for protection of your investment. A soft gig bag is available for as low as $20 while the hardshell cases can cost you around $150, but they offer enhanced protection for your guitar.

You need to consider the shape and size of your guitar while buying a case or bag, as they are different for different models. For example, the cases for electric guitars are smaller and slimmer than for an acoustic guitar.

String set


Although every guitar comes with pre-installed strings, it is good to have an extra set to use when they break or go rogue. You don’t need to carry your spare string set in your guitar case all the time. However, when you want to play for an event or concert, carry the same and also your tuner along.

Steel strings are best for acoustic, electric and bass guitars while nylon strings are suitable for classical guitars. You can choose a space sting set based on the type of your guitar.


It is difficult to play guitar with your fingers; that is why there are picks for picking and strumming. However, choosing a pick for your guitar is not easy as they are all unique and specific. They come in many shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. If you like strumming, you can go for a thin and flexible pick while for picking, you should go for a sturdy and firm pick.


Most people find it challenging playing guitar while standing. When you play it while sitting, you can hold it with one hand in your lap and play with another hand. But while standing, you need to hold and play with your hands without any support from legs. A guitar shoulder strap comes in handy to help you play it while standing.

Guitar straps are usually available for as low as $10, but you can choose the straps of high-quality material anywhere between $20 and $40.

Stands and Racks

If you use your guitar daily, it can be tedious for you to daily take out the guitar from your case and put it back after use. Guitar stands help you hang your guitar against a wall while a guitar rack can hold four, five or even six guitars. Some cheaper options like guitar wall hangers are also available in the accessories stores.

Some Accessories for Electric guitars


The sound of electric guitars is very low as compared to acoustic or bass guitars. Therefore, we need to connect them to an amplifier to make the sound audible in an event or concert. You need to consider the configuration and length while buying a cable for your electric guitar.

Configuration means the shape of end pieces, you can buy a cable with straight ends, one straight and other at a right angle, or both ends at 90 degrees. The length of the cable should be enough to offer you a comfortable walking space between the guitar and the sound system.



An amp is the best way to amplify the sound of an electric guitar. Now the amps also support headphones that enable you to play your guitar without disturbing others. When it comes to amps like type, power, speaker size, volume, and features, there is a lot of consideration. It means that you need to spend some time to research to find an amp suitable for your requirements. There’s an amp waiting to amplify your tunes and skills from small and big to cheap and expensive.

Pedals and Pedal Board

For electric guitar players, pedals and pedal boards can be essential accessories. Pedals can enhance the volume, effects, distortion, and overdrive for your electric guitar. A user can place the pedal under his/her foot to control the volume and sound effects. Pedals are an easy way to control the volume and sound effects of your electric guitar.

Final Words

Buying a guitar is an investment towards your hobby or career in music. If you have a high-quality guitar like Tokai guitars, it is also essential to buy some good quality accessories. These accessories can help you to make the most out of your guitar and enhance your playing experience. They also improve the quality of music and life of your instruments.

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