Graphyt Releases Bass-Heavy ‘Colossus EP’

There’s no slow start to the week with Graphyt around, as the French bass producer releases his latest body of work today on Black Label. Flexing his talents on the four track ‘Colossus EP’, Graphyt brashly reaffirms his place as one of dubstep’s most notable newcomers.

Featuring ‘From The Depths’, ‘Surrounded By Fire’, ‘The Awakening’ and title track ‘Colossus’, Graphyt spins an elaborate tale with his sound design here. Spanning from epic, cinematic intros to the murkiest, most earth-shaking drops you can imagine, the Colossus EP is a wild ride of technical mastery.

If you’re looking for some next level production genius (as well as full-throttle dancefloor material), wrap your ears around the Colossus EP and kick-start your Monday in style. Click HERE to check out the EP.

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