Call Recording: The Top Call Tracking Feature You Don’t Want to Miss Out On!

If you’re an agency marketer, you know how important data is. Data-driven marketing has become a necessity, not just a luxury. If you are planning to deliver an exceptionally excellent ROI to your clients, you need to summon every bit of data that you can. 

Often though, you are so caught up in the quest for more marketing data that you forget to utilize data in the most beneficial way.

all tracking software makes things easier for you. You can:

    • Analyze the campaigns 
  • View alldata that you need to achieve exclusive client ROI 
    • Know the call logs, source of leads and more
    • Use dynamic number insertion to track multiple calls at once
    • Integrate with third party tools to get even more insights
  • Record calls automatically!

Call recording – Why Will You Love It?

Call recording enables you to work smart instead of hard. If you record calls to your account, you will be able to keep track of every single call that enters from your tracking numbers. 

This is a good way to keep checking up on the performance of your phone team. But if you probe deeper under the surface, you will realize that this feature is far handier than you anticipated

Never skip a call

Call recording is extremely powerful if you categorize the calls and tag them. If you get a comprehensive tagging system, you will be able to place them in categories like ‘new leads,’ ‘missed calls,’ and ‘repeat callers’ with the click of a button. hen you can separate the ones that need to be further analyzed

This categorization is a solid way to prove that the work you do for your clients is extremely valuable. .  

If you manage to properly tag your calls, and combine that with an insightful review of the respective calls that have been recorded, you will be able to present how specific marketing campaigns have resulted in calls and/or valuable leads to your client. 

t may also enable you to advise clients on the efficiency of tracking missed calls per month, resulting in lesser frustrated voicemails. 

No matter the case, call recording will be a substantial demonstration of the value and the ROI boost that your work delivers to your clients. This tagging can be completely automated, further simplifying the process.

Figuring and filling skill gaps

Your agency may or may not consider call coaching to be a selling point for clients. However, our experience suggests otherwise. If call recording has been enabled for the client, your agency will be able to get an overview of your team’s performance. 

By reviewing the recordings, you will be able to tell if the team is sticking to the script or not, and you will also be able to detect any flaws that are causing sales to drop.

For example, the client may be getting a healthy amount of inbound calls, but the prospects are not converting at a satisfactory rate. Therefore you can dive into the call recordings and learn what’s going wrong.

You need to take a hands-on and comprehensive approach to call recording. It will more than just help the bottom line of the client- it will provide proof that your agency is yielding results.

Building long-lasting relationships with the client

The main reason we are discussing advanced features like call recording and why its valuable is because features like these are the ticket to establishing a true strategic partnership with your client. 

As an agency, it is not just critical to collect data. You also need to interpret  and incorporate that data into strategic planning. A good call tracking software helps you do just that. Set yourself apart from other agencies out there and invest in call tracking and call recording.

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