5 Amazing Reasons Why Online Slots are so Popular in 2019

From the moment the gambling industry made its way online, online slots have become more popular than ever. There are more and more players getting hooked every day not because of the cash factor but the fact that it’s more relaxing, entertaining and fun to play. 

There are a couple of more important reasons why people love online slots so much in 2019: the variety of options, convenience, and safety. No other gambling games grab the attention of players like online slots. 

Online slots are undoubtedly the most popular online casino games, and stats show that gamblers prefer online slots to other games. Let’s see some fantastic reasons why this is so.

You can play with or without money

You can play online slots for free or with money. The choice is entirely yours, and the gameplay is still the same. All the great elements are there: feeling lucky, the anticipation of winning, the high hopes for winning the jackpot, and so on. 

You don’t have to use real money to play, you just need some spare time, and you’re good to go. Then, there’s the fact that online slots offer higher payout odds compared to other online casino games. 

No one can tell you that you’ll win, you’ll have to work for it, but you don’t have to spend your monthly paycheck to have some fun. Take the Starburst slot as the best example of the most popular online slot game that you can play for free or with money. However you decide to play this online slot, your chances for winning big are astronomical.

Variety of slot options

There are hundreds of available online slot games that offer a multitude of betting options and tons of fun. From progressive jackpots to single slot games, there are plenty to choose from. What matters the most is that these online slots are distinctly different from one another, and most of them are themed. 

You can now choose an online slot game based on your favorite character from a movie or a game. A new generation of slots brings a whole new aspect of playing to the gambling table. Do you love movies? There are movie-based online slots. Like Game of Thrones? No, problem, there are slots based on GOT. You may also use some new payment methods, like the paypal slots

To better understand the variety we’re talking about here, head over to play Slingo Rainbow Riches slot game online at Mega Casino and see what variety really means for yourself.

Safety and convenience

Online casinos are all about safety, cybersecurity, and convenience. Many people have a decent amount of worry that the games are rigged or that the online casinos fix the odds to go against the players. 

Well, the recent advances in cybersecurity put these concerns out of the equation. All online casinos protect the personal information of players, putting their safety above anything else. Online casinos route their slot games from the software directly to an outside server. 

They use a random number generator to ensure that online slots aren’t rigged. Then, there’s convenience. Online slots are available anywhere, anytime — no waiting in line, no queue, no nothing. 

Just pay a visit to your favorite online casino and start having fun in a matter of seconds. What’s also important is that online slots are easy to understand, and anyone can play them. You don’t need any knowledge or special skill to access the games. Just decide how much to bet and start spinning.

Slots are a part of pop culture

Online slots have been around since forever, but they became a part of pop culture just recently. New online slots feature pop culture icons and themes from movies. Some of the best movie characters from the best films like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, James Bond, Ocean’s Eleven, Rain Man and Casino are now available on online slots. 

Casinos aren’t reserved for high rollers, professionals, and casuals; everyone is welcome now. Perhaps, this is the biggest reason why online slots are so popular today. When you take a look at the movies mentioned above, you’ll realize that all of them are somehow connected to gambling and casinos. 

In fact, the main characters in these movies are among the greatest gamblers in the history of cinema. Go here to read more about movies and casinos.

You can play on a PC or mobile

This is another big reason why online slots are so popular. Nowadays, almost every person on this planet is mobile. Visiting casinos will always be a thing but playing online offers a level of comfort that can’t be matched. 

The choice to play from the comfort of your home on your desktop computer or mobile device makes things even more convenient. It’s even better if you’re playing on mobile because you can do it anytime, anywhere. Place your bets and let the lady luck sing her song.


Even though online slots offer the chance to check your luck free of charge, gambling is still gambling. Know your limit, be responsible, and play smart and wise. This is the only way to have some fun and relax with your favorite entertainment.

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