Why do Men Wear Jewelry? We Discovered 5 Reasons

The style of a businessman is comprised of more elements than just an expensive suit, a pleasant perfume, and a watch. The restraint and asceticism, which used to be indispensable companions of the male image, are now superseded with originality. This originality and one-of-a-kindness are manifested through odd, out-there, and even incongruous appearance. If you, too, are looking for a way to stand out in the crowd, jewelry is of much help. It can simultaneously emphasize and reveal your individuality, fashion sense, and personal aesthetic.

Having said that, we should clarify which accessories should be attributed to jewelry. Watches and engagement rings are very basic, even fundamental, jewelry pieces. In other words, this is the minimum of men’s jewelry that is accepted in corporate culture. For more impact, you can expand this set with cufflinks and tie clips. In some cases, the corporate dress code allows a signet or ring instead of a wedding ring or together with it.

Today, however, men incline to jewelry that goes beyond conventional accessories. You can’t surprise anyone with earrings or rings adorning a man but guys decided to delve even deeper into the world of jewelry and now are actively exploring bracelets and beads. What is the reason for this fashion choice?

So Why Do Men Accessorize Themselves?

Experts highlight 5 reasons why men desire to wear jewelry:

  1. Teenage rebellion.

Youngsters see jewelry as a way of self-expression. An earring in the earlobe, rings on fingers, and a risqué haircuts are most often a desire to mirror the image of an idol. Along with that, teens tend to do everything contrary to the wishes of their parents. Piercing and accessorizing may happen simply because parents said not to do it. With age, normally, young men get an understanding that folks were probably right, and their style becomes more moderate.

  1. Metrosexuality.

Since the end of the 20th century, a new male image has come into vogue. It is more than a commitment to a certain style of clothing. This style is defined as a single whole of several components: neatness in clothing, groomed and trimmed appearance, as well as accentuated accessories emitting the vibe of individuality. Looking at a well-groomed and tidy guy who wins women’s hearts with ease, other men try to copy his style, including the choice of jewelry. One glance at the recognized metrosexual icons such as David Beckham or Ryan Seacrest is enough to figure the secret of their magnetism, and this is a meticulous choice of attire and accessories. Exquisite earrings, rings, necklaces, as well as bracelets and beads, will help you take on a more polished look.

  1. Commitment to a movement or sub-culture.

The emergence of sub-cultures has ended up with a craze for jewelry. Young people explore other items than earrings to denote their belonging to subcultures. The selection of accessories for subcultures is vast: bracelets, beads, rings, necklaces with and without pendants, wallet chains, bangles, and others. Psychologists say that there is nothing wrong with the desire to add a few accessories to express yourself. If a guy joined a subculture at a young age, at some point he overgrows it and then sheds the over-the-top accents. However, some subcultures are for life. For example, biking is popular among men of all ages, professions, and social statuses. Normally, guys don’t part with biker jewelry; vice versa, they tend to add more and more items to stand out. Lately, we have been seeing the trend of wearing biker accessories by non-bikers so this type of jewelry is no longer assigned to a specific subculture.

  1. Be trendy

As follows from the above, wearing jewelry is fashionable. How to resist a trend if all your friends flaunt audacious accessories? Young and not so young celebrities flash designer jewelry, sleek models look at us from the pages of glossy magazines luring us to buy a brandy item, social media influencers endorse new trinkets, and so on. There is nothing wrong with the desire to be fashionable and trendy as long as you approach the choice of accessories with a sane head.

  1. Specific Occupation

Artists, singers, fashion designers, Instagram celebs, and people of creative professions choose jewelry to maintain their signature image in the eyes of the public. Most often, the image they want to create is used to promote a brand, so it can easily be transformed or replaced with a different style.

According to statistics, around half of men choose jewelry on their own. However, the remaining 50% entrust the choice of accessories to their girlfriends, wives, or partners. Many guys believe that their better halves are able to find options contributing to his image and revealing his best features. If such guys wear jewelry, it means they want their partners or ‘other fish in the sea’ to enjoy their appearance.

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