Allocai releases Hush Single

Some art is born from pain. This is not an universal truth – some art comes from a playful place, some is born from joy, and so on. It is true, however, that some art springs from a deep seeded need to express oneself and experience catharsis by transforming personal trauma into triumph. Jamaican native Allocai knows this well. His single “Hush”, taken from the album Cruelty, is a life-affirming track from a release examining how his father became romantically involved with his then-girlfriend and the trajectory of near self-destruction resulting from that betrayal. Allocai has since discovered he could find healing through music and learn to love again. It is a track that deals with self-discovery with an upbeat tenor and shows this young musical artist is an absolute natural who, despite initially following a different path, now seems set on a journey promising much more than he ever expected.

It is a promise fully realized through each minute of the track. If we can consider “Hush” as a harbinger of what awaits listeners on the Cruelty album, a self-described chronicle of Allocai’s travails and personal journey from darkness to light, then the release is poised to be one of the most rewarding pop efforts in recent memory. It has an irresistible melody that will stick in your memory long after you hear the song and never seems pre-plotted out or like a track pandering for listener’s attention. Instead, the hopeful sound of the cut has an enchanting effect on listeners that engages you physically and leaves you feeling invigorated after even a single hearing. It is rare to find that in pop songs nowadays and we should cherish its remarkable qualities.


He doesn’t weigh the song down with any unnecessary writing, but it has a definite message that Allocai wastes no energy in getting across. There are subtle shades of melancholy in the words but, overall, “Hush” is a redemptive exercise rather than one that weighs on listeners. His vocal phrasing helps the song leap to life in a bolder way than it would have in the hands of a lesser talent. The guitar and drums dominating the song’s musical identity are woven into the arrangement’s fabric without ever competing with each other or the vocals. Balance is one of the keys to this song’s success and an abiding characteristic from its first note to last.

“Hush” deserves a wide hearing. Allocai has crafted a tried and true pop song with appealing music and something meaningful to say with a skill it takes many others a lifetime to develop. He is a natural in the best possible sense of the word. “Hush” is a superb early taste of what is waiting for listeners on Cruelty and has a thoroughly professional and artistic spirit capable of moving all but the most cynical listeners. His personal anguish has given birth to a career far different and greater than what he would have experienced upon finishing medical school. Let’s hope he continues traveling this path for years to come.

by Jodi Marxbury

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