How can colour affect you

Have you ever wondered why Coca Cola is red? Or why Nickelodeon’s logo is orange? Turns out there’s a reason for that, and it’s called colour psychology. Studies have shown that colours can affect your behaviour, emotions, and can even change the rate of your heartbeat and blood pressure.

So – what colour awakes in you what kind of emotions? Red evokes the strongest feelings – it is associated with passion and aggression. Orange is connected with warmth and energy. Yellow is the colour of optimism and youth. Green represents success and hope. Blue is the colour of trust and stability. Purple is associated with spirituality and luxury. Black is the colour of power and mystery.

An example – Let’s pretend that you have two mailboxes that are the same – the only difference is that one is black and the other is green. If someone asked you – Which one is heavier? – you would probably say black even if they are the same. It’s because black creates the effect of heaviness.

Colour psychology can be seen mostly when it comes to marketing and brands. Let’s answer the questions from the first part. Why is Coca Cola red? It’s because the red colour tends to provoke appetite. And why is Nickelodeon’s logo orange? It’s because it is a children’s channel – the use of orange represents their enthusiasm and energy. Another example – the colour pink. Pink is associated with femininity – that’s why brands directed to girls and women use that colour, like Barbie or Victoria’s Secret.

Our brain is very easy to trick – our emotions are changing without us even noticing. If you want to learn more about how modern brands use colour psychology, check out this infographic by Stickeroo.

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