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“Blink 182” From Half an Orange Is An Awesome Listen

Quickly building a name for themselves within the electronic music scene is Ohio duo Half An Orange, who has had widespread success with tracks “Sunscreen” and “Old Friends.” Now they’re back on Monstercat with their brand new single “Blink 182” and it’s maybe their best release yet!

“Blink 182“ brilliantly toes the line between bubbly and mesmerising, consistently churning to a hypnotic 107 BPM while building on understated instrumentals. The song’s chorus is uplifting and packs a poignant punch, highlighted by the intoxicating guest vocal stylings that have become a signature of Half An Orange’s sound.

Just in time for the weekend, “Blink 182” is the perfect soundtrack for any party or dance floor ahead. Make sure you give it a listen below and keep an eye out for what this rising pair has planned next.


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