7 Benefits of Having Solar Power Irrigation

Most recently, many farmers are turning towards the use of solar energy for all their irrigation needs, and it is so with good reason. Farming can be quite expensive endeavor, especially when done on a large scale. Therefore, the incorporation of solar irrigation goes a long way in offsetting some of those over-the-head costs, which can, in turn, be channeled to other more critical sectors of the farm. Below are seven reasons you need to have solar irrigation installed your farm:

  1. Solar energy is environmentally friendly

Despite ensuring that your crops are well watered each day, solar energy is also known to be environmentally friendly. Unlike some energy sources such as biogas and coal, solar power doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. As you already know, greenhouse gases have wreaked some serious havoc on the ozone layer for the past several decades.

Solar irrigation is also ideal because it doesn’t generate much noise as its the case with generators. Finally, solar energy doesn’t require that much water for maintenance purposes. This means you’ll end up saving on the water which can be used to irrigate your crops.

  1. Solar energy is free

Unlike electricity where you are obligated to make monthly payments, solar energy is free. All you need is to have solar panels installed on your farm, and you’re good to go. Also, make sure you’re investing in the best quality solar panels installed by a seasoned expert.

  1. Solar energy is the perfect alternative to electricity

Farmers who use electricity to run their irrigation systems know exactly how inconveniencing an impromptu blackout can be. Since generators are quite expensive to both run and maintain, solar energy is often seen as the perfect, most effective alternative. This is because it not only runs on sunlight, which is free, but the system is also quite straight forward from an operational standpoint.

  1. The solar energy improves grid security

The grid will always be protected as long as it has solar energy penetration. This explains why a network with power plants that are spread out will have experience very few blackouts. The latter will also play a significant role in protecting the grid in the event of a natural disaster, some of which can happen out of the blue.

To be on the safe side, always make sure your solar irrigation systems are bought and installed by reputable dealings such as Cairns Solar Power Gem Energy, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Solar panels are applicable

There are many other benefits associated with solar panels besides irrigation. For starters, you can use some of the energy from your solar irrigation systems to light up your farm. Moreover, since solar energy is free, expect your utility bill to drop significantly.

  1. Job creation

There are businesses within your locality that deal exclusively in solar panels and everything about them. So if you use solar energy to run your irrigation systems, then you’ll be creating jobs for the people who run such businesses as well as their employees. Apart from buying the solar panels from these businesses, your solar irrigation systems will also need regular maintenance; all of which can also be sourced from the same companies.

  1. Solar energy is efficient

Since your solar panels for your solar irrigation systems will be installed in the farm, you can rest assured that 100% of the energy generated will be used for irrigation as well as other useful purposes. Besides avoid energy wastage, you also won’t have to incur any of the supply costs, which is usually the case with electricity. Also, due to the short distance solar energy covers from the panels to the systems, you can always count on the irrigation systems to run a bit more efficiently.


As a farmer who’s motivated to harvest maximum yield, it’s essential to always look for better ways of farming. One of these ways is by installing solar irrigation systems, that’s if you haven’t already. By doing so, you’ll not only be cutting down your utility costs and improving the efficiency of the irrigation systems due to energy wastage. The environment will also be spared for reasons already mentioned above. Initially, the installation of a solar irrigation system will cost you. However, you’ll be pleased with the long-term effects.

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