What is the role of jewelry

Have you ever wondered that the color your chose, the dress code you love to stick to explains your personality.

Since ages man have loved gold, platinum and diamonds. They are not only jewels to adorn yourself. Many people does not even realize the importance of jewels.

Most women just buy jewelry for the sake of luxury. What makes them so special is related to economic systems and culture.

In this article I have tried to sum up some main reasons which have made jewelry and integral part of our world, many woman wear gold chains some get initial necklaces before they get ready for a huge event, their choice depends upon a number of factors.

Jewels in their raw form  are not very expensive but when they are cut into sharp shapes, the price ultimately sores. This is because of the labor , custom taxes and other metals.

  • Wealth

Jewelry is aa symbol of wealth. You will not see a poor woman wearing heavy gold necklaces.

Gold prices are regarded as the economic checking tool of a country. You can reckon the economic growth of a country by knowing the prices of jewels over there.

Having some jewelry instead of some property is better. Property has to be looked after you have to pay various  bills and mortgages.

In case of jewelry there are no restrictions as such, you can put your jewelry wherever you want. They are easy to carry and sell. Selling a  Property would be comparatively different than selling a gold chain.

  • Currency

Since ages, we have used jewelry as an alternative of currency. In many countries gold coins were the only currency.

In ancient times kings used to award their subordinates with jewels.

  • Security

Now a days if someone has got some jewelry he feel financial secured. During his rainy days he can sell that jewelry to get some money.

You feel financially stable, the quick access to your jewelry would make your life even more easier. In many developing counties you do not even have to pay tax for your jewelry as long as it is safe at your home.

  • Asset

Jewelry in an asset, you not only buy it, in fact  you invest.

Jewelry is a status symbol. You are recognized as a rich person if your wife is wearing some finely cut jewelry articles. Just like property you can sell it whenever you want and with the passage of time its value would Increase.

  • Cultural symbolism

Like our world jewelry is also a diversified set of articles. If you move from eastern world, you can check that women in India use to wear a kind of necklace which is a symbol of her marriage.

In many countries rings are thought to be a sign of engagement. Similarly, in many Asian countries new brides are ought to wear jewelry because it is a sign of prosperity.

  • Religious aspect

In many countries where people tend to follow their religious values jewelry items such as some noes pins are given extra importance.

In Africa women wear ethnic styled jewelry. Similarly Christian wear Cross. Hindus and Muslims also wear the names of their respective God.

  • Self representation

Jewelry is a way for depicting your thoughts. The colors and designs you choose explains your feelings and ideas about adorning yourself.

Many people like to wear light and elegant  jewelry whole some prefer loud, bright and prominent articles. Our choices are based on our personal thoughts. How we want to impose ourselves on others.

  • Heritage

Many big families tend to have some symbolic jewelry. Some people like to have their parents or grand parent’s jewelry as a way of showing respect and remembrance. Many families specifically order some customized jewelry, kings and rulers are famous for such attitudes. The designs of crowns and rings were symbols for the rank of a person.

  • Sign of love

Jewelry is an expensive article. This is why gifting someone a necklace or tiara express your love.

The value of your reverence and love can be reckoned by the value and beauty of the gifted article. This is why many people prefer to gift jewelry article specially if they are for women.

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