INTERVIEW: Von Alexander

Von Alexander records laid-back hip-hop that fuses a carefree attitude with a conscious outlook, radiating positive vibrations that recall ‘00s Kanye and Lupe Fiasco. His latest mixtape ‘I Can’t Die’ is a bombshell, a mission statement and a flagrant declaration of immortality: Von Alexander is here to stay.

Von Alexander sat down with Vents to discuss his year so far, and his upcoming album release! 

1. Hi Von Alexander, welcome to VENTS! How have you been, and what have you been up to so far this year? 

I’m great! This Summer for me was really a mixture of living my life, enjoying every moment, spending a lot of time with people, a lot of grinding and getting things done for the release of my next project.

2. Can you talk to us more about your upcoming mixtape, due in this month, “I Can’t Die”? 

I can say “I Can’t Die” will be one of the most important releases of my career so far. I can listen to this album and be reminded of where I was during the making of it, look at where I am now after it was made and see the changes. I realize how I was able to guide my life and my thoughts with this album. I’ve played it every day over the course of the last 6 months and it still gives me the best feeling. I gained a lot of focus, self-discipline and appreciation for life as a whole and that is why the title is ‘I Can’t Die’. No matter what obstacles we may face, as long as we are able to breathe, we are able to change and shift our circumstances for the better.

The lyrics to this project can be described as confident, bold, fun, motivational and optimistic. The writing for this album comes from a place of outlook and therapy. Understanding where you are, realizing it is temporary, and writing the words that are going to help you move forward in all aspects.

I was not in the best position in life when this project was being worked on, but I didn’t want the lyrics to only be about that, sadness and darkness. I wanted the lyrics to be a reminder to self of who I am, what I care to do with my platform, and the light that I have in me to share with everyone else. In some songs I talk more about the darkness I am in, in some songs I’m speaking to give myself the highest amount of confidence that I can, in others I just cared to have fun and get away from whatever I was dealing with. To be able to turn on a song I made and it affects me as if I’m listening to one of my favorite artists was also a small goal of mine.

3. How was the recording and writing process? 

It was a very tense time during this entire creative process, but it was a time of growth for me. I wasn’t forcing myself to come up with these ideas, some days I wouldn’t do anything, other days I’d write 2-3 songs at 2am on a Tuesday. Some songs were created right on the spot in the studio, no plan just complete first words and first ideas. I knew I wanted to speak my truth and give a lot more insight into my world so hopefully those words will be effective for those listening.

4. Who have been your biggest influences musically? 

To be honest, at this moment I don’t have any specific influences I’m drawing from. I’m kind of influenced by everything I hear, I place a great importance on not just listening, but learning as well. I feel there’s something to be taught in every song you hear. I take what I learned from what I’ve listened to, and I apply it in my work, in my own special way. Music as a whole is the soul influencer of creative drive.

5. Who are you loving to listen to at the moment?

Currently, I’m listening to a lot of new artists as well as artists from my city. Kota The Friend, Baby Keem, YBN Cordae, Camb, Awill, Renz Young, AR Wesley, Mike Regal, Zed Kenzo, Mudy, the list of what I’m listening to is quite long. Every artist listed has new projects and music out and I like staying up to date on what’s going on out there.

6. What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

My plans for the rest of 2019 consists of me releasing a series of monologues which will help explain my creative process, especially in direct relation to my upcoming release “I Can’t Die”. I will also be dropping a video to the track “Solange” late August, which will be one of the dopest productions coming out of Milwaukee, and of course, releasing the project in late September. It’s about to get really busy for me the rest of the year.

7. How can fans keep up to date with you? 

All of my social media (@whatsupvxn). The best way for anyone to stay up to date with me is Instagram (@whatsupvxn). It’s a platform I spend a lot of time on outside of Twitter and Facebook. A lot of my process is documented there for people to see and experience along with me.

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