Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Cal – We’ve been awesome, doing loads of prep for our big alumni realise show

James – Hi there! We’ve been great thank you. Over the past few weeks we have been working extremely hard in preparation for our debut album launch show.

Frank – I’m good, just working hard, excited for our upcoming album release

Ace – work, work, work.

Can you talk to us more about your last single “Fuelled By Hate”? 

Cal – It is our first single that we have realised and was one of the first songs we wrote as a band.

James – ‘Fuelled by Hate’ is our debut single and was released on Friday 28th June. It was the second song that we wrote and is still one of my favourites to play.

Frank – Fuelled by Hate was written before I joined the band, as soon as I heard them play it live I knew I had to get involved!

Ace – I’m in the same boat as frankie it was written well before I joined the band, but shooting the music video was a great experience.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Cal – it was mainly James that wrote the song as it had a different name before “Fueled by hate” but me and James worked on it again refining some to improve it. It can be seen as a love song but the love in the song is twisted.

James – Yes and no. The original working title was ‘Forever and a Day’ which was meant to be a love song. Since writing that when I was 15, I’ve grown up a bit and matured as a writer too. I worked with Cal to rewrite the lyrics with a much darker underlying theme and we also chopped and changed some of the guitar parts too. ‘Fuelled by Hate’ is still a love song but as the title suggests, it’s not a happy one!

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Cal – it was so fun as it was our first music video that we have all done. We didn’t really have a great idea of what to include apart from two people who are in love but also hate each other.

James – It was the first video we’d ever done as a band and I found it really fun! I particularly like how the shots of the masked characters turned out in the final video.

Frank – It was a load of fun! One of my favourite days ever, although it was a lot more exhausting than I expected.

Ace – Considering the amount of unforeseen hurdles we encountered that day i think the video came out better than expected.

The single comes off your new album Demonic Society – what’s the story behind the title?

Cal – Demonic Society was shortlisted as a name for the band, so we felt it was only right to name our first album Demonic Society. Alongside most of our songs being about inner demons.

James – Believe it or not, it was originally a band name idea. After we had a few of our own songs finished, I thought about the themes and what else we were wanting to write about in future songs. ‘Demonic Society’ just seemed to encompass every song. I think we had agreed upon the album title around song 5 or 6 and so this just further solidified our songwriting for the rest of the album.

Frank – The title was originally a potential band name apparently, although I think it works much better as an album name, which makes the whole project a lot cooler to me.

How was the recording and writing process?

Cal – Recording was so much fun and a great experience because we had done some demo recording before this but this was the real deal and the way in which it turned out was a whole new level of quality.

James – Recording the album was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget. It was so fun to develop our songs in the studio and come away with a professional sounding album to put out for the world to hear. I had a class time with my best mates in the band but also the guys from Innersound Audio; Sam, Mike and Joe. The writing process was also really fun. We work so well as a team and things just click in the rehearsal room. I’m also very happy with the variation we’ve captured on the album and I think it reflects that we are strong songwriters and not just ‘another metal band’.

Frank – Honestly the time I spent in the studio I will always remember. The lads at Innersound Audio made it a super fun experience and the end product is just unbelieveable.

Would you call this a departure from your previous musical work?

Cal – Definitely, me and James were in a band before this one and Nephilim is definitely heavier and unique then our previous band.

James – This is Nephilim’s debut album and it has a vast amount of styles within it. However, Cal and I were in a band prior to Nephilim and it is definitely more heavy and technical than our previous work.

Frank- This is the first proper band I have been in so it was all new to me writing originals and actually finishing them. Before I’ve just been in cover bands that never practiced with old school mates.

Ace – i’ve messed about with friends for a while but this is the first band ive ever gigged with im still pretty new to the whole thing but i love it.

What role does Stockton-On-Tees play in your music?

Cal – The music scene in Stockton is mainly indie bands and acoustic artists so the place as a whole doesn’t really play a big part. However the bands that we have met three playing in Stockton have because they have shown us a new way to perform, play as a band and get the crowd going.

James – Not much really, there is more of an indie scene within Stockton. There are some great metal bands that we play with such as Desolation, Collapse of Colour and Dead River Kings who will be supporting us at our album launch show. Working together, we are trying to make our own scene within the area alongside other bands like A Dying Reign and Kilonova.

Frank – There’s not really a metal scene in Stockton so it’s pushed us to travel a bit further to gig. We gig in Newcastle a lot nowadays as with bars like Trillians we know we can get an audience of people who want to listen to us.

Ace – for me it makes me strive for more i don’t wanna be living here my entire life.

How has Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium influenced your writing?

Cal – they have influenced us in so many ways from the shredding on guitar that James does like Synyster Gates to the insane drumming and double bass pedal Tyler does which has all come through listening and playing like A7X and Trivium. It’s changed our music massively because if I hadn’t listened to either of these bands I wouldn’t have wanted to be in a metal band at all.

James – For me personally, Synyster Gates is my biggest guitar inspiration and so I’ve learnt techniques he uses, such as sweep picking, and incorporated them when writing solos. When it comes to Trivium, their earlier material has definitely inspired me but I believe they’ve influenced Cal more in terms of combining clean singing and screaming. Both bands have two amazing guitarists that utilise dual guitarwork in their playing. This is definitely a big influence to us as I think guitar duals are unbeatable.

Frank – I’d say overall A7x is the band that unites us all. Me and James both count Syn Gates as one of our biggest guitar icons and when guitarists have an icon it usually shows in their playing/writing.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Cal – it varies as some of our lyrics are from life experiences and some are just because they sound cool. The songs that are wrote were just through jamming different ideas to each other until we wrote a song.

James – I’d say some of the songs were thought out but in the main we just wrote and things clicked. Most of it was in the moment, how we were feeling at the time and what the music made us think about. I personally just get this urge to write and I don’t think there is an explanation for it. Most of the lyrics are thematic or tell a story but they are all encompassed in this idea of a ‘Demonic Society’.

Frank – I’m not very good at writing lyrics, but the sessions I sit in with usually involve Cal coming up with some basics and us all adding bits along that theme.

Any plans to hit the road?

Cal – Yes! We’ve got some dates lined up in 2019 that could lead to a tour

James – Definitely! We’ve got nine dates lined up for the rest of 2019 but we hope to get more booked in soon.

Frank – Of Course! Gigging is the most fun part of being in a band and we’d love to travel and gig everywhere we can!

What else is happening next in NEPHILIM’s world?

Cal – we could possibly have another music video coming out after the album realise. But for the most part we are wanting to tour and look for someone who loves our music like we do and wants to help us reach the level we should be at.

James – We may or may not have another music video lined up after the album has been released… I know we’d all love to go on tour and that might be a possibility in 2020! We’re definitely getting endorsed and signed too.

Frank – Possibly another video, few more gigs and some other secret things!

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