GTA Online Casino: Gaming or Gambling?

The unveiling of the highly advertised GTA 5 Online casino update brought with it excitement especially from the lovers of the action-adventure themed video games. However, nobody expected that the introduction of gambling in San Andreas would spark a huge amount of controversy. There have been debates since July over the issue because there is very little understanding of what gaming and gambling represent especially after this development.

Even as the excitement grew amongst fans, Rockstar Games had to suspend some of the casino’s mini-games in areas where gambling was deemed illegal.

Record Response to the Launch

Looking at it at face value, the launch was okay. Rockstar hoped that the launch would have been much better since compared to the release of the game the casino update was much more significant. Even so, the GTA Online casino update brought with it a huge number of excited players in a single day, and within a week the response from players was massive. This was unlike when GTA 5 made its debut in 2013.

There are plenty of games to enjoy from the casino which is located on Vinewood Park Drive in Los Santos. Players will enjoy the games that are featured on online gambling sites, such as Lucky Dice, three-card poker, roulette, blackjack and slot machine games. These players are also allowed to place bets on virtual horse racing. Players can also spin the Lucky Wheel and get to win plenty of prizes.

Addictive Tendencies

Players playing at an online casino are most likely to use real money while placing bets. They use the money to purchase chips that are converted to virtual cash, which goes to say that withdrawing your winnings becomes a problem. This is exactly what happens at GTA online casino, and this has brought about debates and complaints especially from online gambling opponents. These debates were directed towards the introduction of the casino and that it would bring about gambling addiction to players in San Andreas.

Rockstar had already planned how they would handle this issue. They had decided to place a cap on how many chips a player could purchase per day. They also decided to suspend the mini-games offered in the online casino in 50 territories where gambling is deemed illegal.

Blurred Morality Lines

It goes without saying that even though gambling is restricted in some countries, there are cases of high-level violence and crime represented in the game. However, this is a topic of discussion for another day.

Where Does Gaming End and Gambling Start?

The launch of the GTA Online Casino a few years after the launch of GTA video game shows that gaming operators are determined to make it big in the gambling world. They are always finding new ways of attracting audiences. The Gambling Commission in the UK had given a warning earlier in the year of the line between Gaming and Gambling.

The EA ranked in more than a billion dollars from its publishing of FIFA soccer games in 2018, an issue it had to address by defending its Ultimate Team packs. This shows that EA involves itself in some form of gambling activities since their publishing is purchased by some unseen collection of players.

The Future of VR Games

Virtual Reality gaming will soon be a reality at land-based casinos. The first virtual zone was first introduced at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. All powered by IGT and HTC. In virtual gaming, players take part in a wide range of virtual reality games with their headsets on. According to the senior vice president of IGT Global Interactive, Enrico Drago, the Virtual zone is representative of the evolution of the present-day casino entertainment.

This being said, what is true is that the controversy surrounding GTA Online casino will undoubtedly go on. Well, the exciting news is that Rockstar is already planning on dropping something great again, GTA 6 could be coming to you soon!

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