A disaster supply kit,or go bag is a collection of basic items that your household may need in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.This would include food,water,a flashlight,and other items.

Disaster Preparedness Checklist: Are You Ready for the Worst?

Emergencies can come in many forms, and even scarier, they can happen at any time.

Whether it’s a natural disaster like a hurricane or something personal like a house fire, are you prepared with a disaster preparedness checklist?

If emergencies are something you’ve overlooked, read on to learn how you can be better prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Develop a Game Plan

The first thing on your disaster preparedness checklist should be a plan for how to handle an emergency. Talk with your family and come up with a detailed blueprint of what you will do, who you will contact, and where you will go in the event of an emergency.

When you have a solid plan already in place, you’ll be more confident and better equipped to handle a disaster. Go over your plan periodically, and if you need to make changes to improve upon the plan, it’s always a good idea to do so.

Create an Emergency Kit

Everyone should have a kit that contains important life-saving items so when a disaster strikes, they have what they need close at hand. Write down the things for your list, then gather everything together and keep it all in one place.

Some of the most important items should include a first-aid kit, copies of important documents, bottled water, and flashlights with batteries. But your list shouldn’t stop there.

Make your kit customized for your needs such as special medication and pet supplies. Put everything in a bag so if you need to evacuate, you’ll have the most important things you need ready to go. If you plan to stay put, consider a generator at https://krugerpower.com.au/ or other retailers so your power will stay on.

Agree on a Recovery Plan

When planning for a potential disaster, it’s easy to overlook what you will do after the danger subsides. Come up with a detailed plan for how to handle your affairs when the smoke has cleared.

You should already have either renter’s or homeowner’s insurance that will cover some or most of your losses. Talk to your family and come up with an agreed-upon place to meet after an emergency in case everyone gets separated.

An emergency fund is also recommended to cover the cost of things like gas and hotel stays. When you have a broader view of how to handle a disaster, you can more easily adapt and overcome the challenges that come with the aftermath.

Make the Most of Your Disaster Preparedness Checklist

In order to be ready for a disaster, you need to stay educated and informed. Pay close attention to weather warnings and keep an emergency radio and your disaster preparedness checklist close by.

With proper planning and some foresight, you and your family will easily be able to handle any emergency that comes your way. Make sure your emergency kit is stocked and ready so you have everything you need.

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