10 Ways to Buy Unroasted Coffee Beans

Maybe you have a roaster; read all about roasting, and now looking to dip into the process. You are missing only one thing: green coffee. So, you might be interested to know the best place to buy green coffee beans and how to buy them.

The next question comes how to find the right thing for you. The arena of purchasing unroasted coffee beans can pose to be overwhelming at the beginning. But this becomes easier once you have the necessary details.

This blog is here to guide you for the buying process. Read on for details!

Things to consider for buying green coffee beans

Buying green coffee beans is the best way when you want to enjoy the freshest coffee.  For this, you have to consider the following.

1. Choose the origin

The climate, humidity, and soil conditions greatly influence the aroma and flavor of the coffee. Thus, coffees from different origins have different tastes. Even coffee from different regions and farms of a country tastes different. So, you must pick the right source to match your taste.

Followings are the coffee characteristics of some regions:

  • Brazil: Sweet and chocolate flavor.

  • Costa Rica: Yields heavy roast with a citrus flavor.

  • Ethiopia: Rages from fruity to sweet and spicy flavors.

  • Haiti: Sweet and smooth flavor.

  • Kenya: Gives black currant and citrus flavors.

  • Mexico: light chocolaty flavors.

  • Puerto Rico: Have sweet with caramel flavors

2. Enquire about processing

Processing is a vital element that determines the quality of green coffee beans. Maybe you are buying online or from a store. In any case, you must ask if the bean was processed by dry (natural), or wet (washed) method. Dry processing yields a heavy and more distinct taste, and the other produces a light, clean taste.

3. Consider the drying process

Try to gather information on the coffee drying conditions of the farm. Check if there is any mottle on the coffee beans. These generally indicate rapid and improper drying. If the beans are dried over 42°C, they became a dull or baked cup. This is not desirable.

4. Get a small batch to start with

It is always best to buy a small batch of green coffee beans first. Take it home, roast, and brew. If the taste is okay, then procure a larger quantity. This will keep you safe from wasting money on the beans that you do not like.

5. Check the size and color of the beans

The coffee beans should be of almost equal sizes and have more or less the same color. As different sizes of coffee beans roast differently, the size matters. Moreover, uneven sizes could be due to multiple cultivators.  Uneven color of the beans could be due to drying and processing issues.

6. Smelling the beans before buying pays dividend

You must take a sniff of the green coffee beans before you buy it. You will be able to detect if there is any fermentation or smoke damage quickly.  Such defects may be more subtle after roasting. So, avoid the beans with such smell.

7. Feel the beans first

Pick up a handful of green coffee beans and check the texture. If they have a fragile feel like glass, it indicates over-drying at a very high temperature. Better choose another lot. In case they seem to be pliable, it means insufficient drying. Mold growth is inevitable in such beans and hence, should be discarded.

8. Check the marking

You should be sure of the geographical area. Check if the marking mentions that. This will give you an idea about the quality of the coffee beans.

9. Make sure that these are not roasted before

Both green and roasted coffee beans are available in bags. Be sure that there is no mention of the date of roasting. This will ensure that the beans are not roasted.

10. Go for a big name for online purchase

As you cannot check the quality of the coffee beans while purchasing online and these are not available in coffee shops nearby you, you must opt for big and established brands.  This will keep you safe.

Why is home roasting a logical way?

Any coffee enthusiast has a keen interest in the coffee beans. Roasting improves the aroma, color, and taste of the beans. It also helps one learn much about the drink and let’s roast for a perfect brew.

Thus, you can drink coffee as a latte or have it as espresso; or you may pour over ice. Moreover, buying green coffee beans and roasting it in small batches allows making a brew with fresh beans.


You can find plenty of green coffee bean sellers with a Google search. Now that you are armed with all requisite information buy it to fit your taste. This will let you have coffee with more shelf life at a relatively low price.

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