Summer school: The benefits of staying in touch through an alumni network

Once the course is over, you will be back home carrying memories of the time you spent in your summer school in a foreign destination. Even though you could get busy with your career or studies after high school, you may feel nostalgic about how you stayed away from family for your ambitions. The thoughts of all those who contributed to this journey of your life will continually recur, making you curious to find out what the others are doing.

You may miss that connect, and those new people who had different cultures yet the sense of acceptance bonded you all together. Then, you could be imagining what your tutor and mentor told you when the classes looked daunting, and the resolve to become something seemed impossible to achieve. Whether the experience turns five days or five years old, you would never be able to forget what your summer course did for you. You may find yourself reminiscing about those intense class discussions, debates, lectures, motivating tutors, the friendly staff, and the cool friends in your mind.

If you don’t want to lose your experiences and the connections you built there, then become a part of alumni after attending Cambridge summer school. It can allow you to improve your present as well as future while enabling you to relive your past. The perks are many, and you would even realise it after joining an alumni association.

The sharing and caring part

The alumni tend to have a special relationship with the university and hence, become its loyal supporters. The regular engagement in the network enables you to learn from the skills and experiences of your seniors, and pass your learning down to your juniors. As a result, an atmosphere of mutual trust, caring and help gets created, which can prove beneficial to you and the institute itself.

The support group

In the alumni, you can find a lot of talented people with scores of skills and experience to their credit. Some of these people share their wisdom with you through their write-ups in the magazine to help you grow. You can even expect them to support you with job placements and launch you in your career. They derive satisfaction out of this act because it is their way of giving back to the institute that enlightened and encouraged them to chase their dreams.

Personal growth and development

There is an adage that knowledge increases by sharing. You can experience it first hand when you also contribute to the group by sharing your learning and understanding with others. Your thoughts will evolve; you will come to know of your strengths, and much more. Hence, you can use this platform to not just learn from others but from yourself too. And whatever thoughts you put up here can ultimately be helpful for your institute also as many existing and prospective students will be reading them.

Educational research

To be a member of the university alumni network can also be beneficial for you from the perspective of research and academic papers. You can update and expand your knowledge of the subject by using your university’s research projects and libraries. There cannot be a match for this kind of facility where you can access the best findings and studies without having to spend money from your pocket.

Financial help

The generous alumni members help the institute in fundraising efforts due to which needy students get scholarships to pursue their course. They also make sure that there are all the necessary facilities and tools that can come in handy in teaching and researches processes. The institute also gets to organise competitions for the students awarding them participation fee. That means if you are a part of it, you can learn about the scholarship programs more quickly. Furthermore, when the time comes, you also know how you can give back to your institute that changed your personality and made you stand out from the crowd.

Doing a summer course can be a life-changing event and becoming an alumnus can prove to be a life-long evolutionary process. The constant exchange of ideas with seniors and mentors can elevate your individuality and self-confidence. Eventually, you can also contribute to the community through your achievements and accomplishments and your online presence. You may not immediately recognise, but by associating yourself with the support group, you can draw instant motivation when you need it the most. You can read about the journey and experiences of the others to know how they are progressing or what they are doing right.  Also, it can be the easiest mediums to keep in touch with everyone.

The advantages can extend far beyond these. However, you can come to enjoy them only when you join the alumni. Also, your contributions can help grow the community a bit more where a thousand other students like you would benefit.

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