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Americans enjoy going to the movies. With great trailers, famous stars, popcorn and a soda to share, millions of Americans get comfortable in their theatre seats, awaiting a solid story to unfold before their eyes. However, the process from casting to the big screen is a long journey. There is a lot of talent out there, and people who are equally as talented might not get the same shot. In any business, it’s not always about what you know, but who you know. In Hollywood, this goes without saying. People move from across the country to pursue their dreams of making it big, and who you have in your corner makes all the difference. In Hollywood, having an agent that will work hard for you and understand your strengths and see the potential, can be the best thing for any budding actor or actress. Hollywood Manager, Vincent Cirrincione, is one manager that has worked tirelessly for his clients. From an uncharted path in New York, to finding success cross country in Los Angeles, Vincent Cirrincione’s unorthodox path lead him to a career in talent management.

Born and raised in New York, Cirrincione was brought up in an environment far from the land of Los Angeles, where he would eventually end up. When he was 18, the U.S. was in the thick of the Vietnam War and cultural tension was high. Cirrincione was not called for the draft and had to make a life for himself in New York. At a young age, Vincent Cirrincione had the opportunity to work on Wall Street. Working in a back room, he got a first-hand experience into the chaos and excitement that draws so many people to that line of work. However, Vincent quickly learned that he didn’t see himself as a stockbroker for the rest of his life. He had always been keen on the film industry, so with nothing holding him back, he decided to pursue those curiosities. To explore this interest he applied for a job at Decision Film. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the right fit for him because they were mainly developing photo film.

From there, Vincent Cirrincione hopped to another job, promoting bands. In 1969, Cirrincione started managing Larry Coryell after borrowing him for a last-minute opening act from a nearby club. It was a great start for him. That meeting led to Cirrincione managing Larry from Arista Records Headquarters. Vincent Cirrincione was also the executive producer for Larry and The Eleventh House’s albums. From Wall Street to managing musicians, Cirrincione was beginning to prove he had an inherent and versatile skill set to connect with people from different walks of life in very different work settings. He took his skill set and moved from musicians to actors and actresses. In 1979, he began managing teenagers who were involved in theatre. At the time, he was managing the teenage cast in the traveling show of Peter Pan. This management role gave Cirrincione a new perspective on the managing of people and of the production side of entertainment.

Shortly after in 1980, Vincent still advancing his knowledge and network, attended a seminar for actresses and actors looking to break into Television Commercials. This is where he learned about Halle Berry, who was a good fit for a role he was trying to fill. Although that role never panned out, the meeting between the two lead to a good working relationship in which Cirrincione would end up advocating and representing Halle Berry for a majority of her career.

Even though the original role didn’t follow through, he helped her land an audition for “The Living Dolls”, in which she was cast for the role. In 1991, Cirrincione decided to open a Los Angeles office because of his workload, and the amount of time he spent flying between New York and Los Angeles. The ’90s to early 2000s showed big moments for Vincent Cirrincione’s career. In 1991, Jungle Fever was released and Halle Berry was showcased. In 2002, Berry starred as a Bond Girl in Die Another Day and Cirrincione attended the premiere in London at the Royal Albert Hall. In 1999, Vincent warmed people up to the making of the movie, Dorothy Dandridge. He went to extreme lengths to purchase the rights for the book and pitch that it would make a spectacular film. Cirrincione was right because Halle Berry who starred in the movie won a Golden Globe, SAG Award, and an Emmy for her performance. In 2010, Cirrincione represented Halle Berry again in the film Frankie and Alice. Frankie and Alice brought in many awards for Halle Berry.

According to his biography, Vincent Cirrincione didn’t have a straight forward path to his career in management. But with some serendipity, a keen eye for spotting talent, and connecting the right people with the right job, he was able to get actresses like Halle Berry noticed, matched with meaningful roles, and put on the big screen. From the backroom on Wall Street to Royal Albert Hall, with passion for a career in entertainment, you never know what is possible.

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