Four reasons natural gas should be your preferred energy source

Many people say that natural gas is the better choice than oil, coal or electricity. Canadians and Americans are major consumers of this natural resource and have some of the largest reserves in the world. For home and business owners, it is affordable and very convenient to use for day-to-day needs. Here are four reasons to add natural gas as your preferred energy source.

Cleaner Than Fossil Fuels

Natural gas is one of the cleanest sources of energy to exist. It emits fewer toxins that contribute to pollution than oil or coal does. When burned, natural gas emits carbon dioxide, the natural substance that humans emit. In contrast, coal burning causes the emission of mercury, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide that are all toxic to the air and water. Natural gas is known as the cleanest fossil fuel around.

Cheaper Than Electricity

Natural gas costs at least one third less than electricity. Certain websites of energy suppliers allow you to compare the current price of Alberta electricity to that of natural gas, which fluctuates throughout the year, but generally show lower prices for gas. All property owners who use mostly electrical appliances have to option to install or reroute their gas lines and convert to natural gas.

Always in Ample Supply

The U.S. and the Middle East are the top providers of natural gas in the world. Canada is another major supplier of this resource, and a large amount of their gas is exported to the U.S. Because of its low prices and ample supply, more Canadian households use gas than electricity. Alberta is a major producer and consumer of this energy.

More Dependable Than Electricity

Natural gas does not get knocked out during a storm. Blackouts are common frustrations with users of electricity. During a powerful storm, electrical lines can be knocked down and power can be wiped out for thousands of homes. Most companies can fix the problem in a few hours, but in the worst cases, power can be gone for weeks. Getting a blackout is never a problem when you use natural gas for cooking, heating or generating power.

No Energy Source Is Totally Safe

No energy source or fossil fuel on Earth is 100% safe. Coal releases toxins that may cause respiratory illnesses when inhaled. Oil can cause fires or explosions when ignited. Electricity causes fires or electrocutions when used improperly. There are no safety exceptions for natural gas. This gas may cause explosions along with carbon monoxide poisoning. However, these risks can be reduced by remembering to turn off gas machines that are not use and not allowing excessive gas to build up. Homeowners can install carbon monoxide monitoring devices to detect unusually high levels of the substance. Most users of natural gas never have any problems that are minor or life threatening.

In millions of households, natural gas is the number-one source for lighting, heating and electricity generation. It is cleaner than other fossil fuels and safer for the environment. Anyone who has electric lines should consider switching to gas and seeing the advantages in their reduced energy bills. Start by finding the right energy supplier for your home or business requirements.

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