Don’t Start With This New ‘Addams Family’ Movie. Go Back To The Original Sitcom

Did you see there is a new Addams Family movie coming out? This time it’s animated, which is fitting for the macabre world of that family. Also, the characters started in comics drawn by Charles Addams. This movie doesn’t look good. For starters, the animation actually looks not great, but also it seems like it’s bad. Snoop Dogg plays Cousin Itt. They used the song “Drop it Like it’s Hot” in the trailer. That feels like some cheesy “Hotel Transylvania” sort of thing.

Back in the ‘90s they made a couple of Addams Family movies that were life action. I saw the first one, but didn’t bother with the second. It had a song by MC Hammer on the soundtrack. Also, I just found out that they made a third direct-to-video Addams Family movie in 1998. Tim Curry and Darryl Hannah play Gomez and Morticia Addams. It sounds bad.

If we kick it really old school, though, we can go back to an Addams Family project that really works. I speak, of course, of the sitcom from the ‘60s. The mid-60s was a great time for sitcoms. In addition to Addams Family, there was Batman and The Monkees around that time. Addams Family was a bit less ambitious, at least in terms of budget. They basically never leave the house, and even within the house they seem to be in the same room most of the time.

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If you aren’t familiar with the premise, it’s basically about a morbid family of weirdos. They aren’t movie monsters like the Munsters. They were people who were strange. And also a sentient hand named Thing. They are violent and masochistic. It’s pretty wild. Gomez is the patriarch. He’s married to Morticia. They have two kids, Pugsley and Wednesday. Uncle Fester hang around, and sometimes so does Grandmama Addams. Oh, let’s not forget their butler Lurch. One time he became a teen pop sensation. It was pretty fun.

Basically every episode of the sitcom revolves around the same hook. A “normal” person or people have to visit the Addams family. Oftentimes it’s for business reasons. Crazy stuff happens, they freak out, and then they leave. The Addams’ are non-plussed the whole time. They are fish out of water, but we spend all our time with those fish, which tweaks our view of reality.

The show is really carried by Gomez and Morticia. The former is played by John Astin, the latter by Carolyn Jones. They both played villains on Batman, by the way. I really enjoy both of their performances, especially Astin. He loves hamming it up. I also, weirdly, like their relationship. They are a sitcom couple that really love each other, or at least lust after each other. Morticia really turns Gomez on, at least by ‘60s sitcom standards. The only real weak link are the kids, as nether of those actors are really up for the challenge.

If you are interested in spending time with a macabre, morbid family, don’t start with this goofy-looking animated movie. Try and check out the old sitcom from the ‘60s. Frankly, black-and-white feels more fitting for the Addamses than a brightly-colored movie. Also, Gomez is a retired lawyer. That’s just something I think is funny.

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