Top 10 questions to ask your attorney in case of a personal injury

Accidents never come announced such is the unwritten rule of life. Most of the times, we are unprepared and usually unsure about how to proceed. In case you or a loved one has been in an accident and are grievously hurt, then seek immediate medical attention. Only with the guidance of an expert medical professional, you can treat your injuries better.

Additionally, it is also vital to seek out a qualified and experienced legal professional. You will need legal representation if you are looking for adequate compensation if the liability of the error is on a third-party. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a list of the top ten questions that you need to ask your legal professional to make sure you are working with the best in case you have been in an accident.

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Area of specialization for the attorney

The first question should be about the field of expertise for your legal representative. Lawyers, just like the medical professionals, have different areas of law in which they specialize in. You don’t want to go to the divorce attorney if you get injured. So, make sure your specialist addresses the specialized skills required for your particular problem or not. Leverage various online listings to know more about local personal injury attorneys. You can also check out BCG Attorneys Search as they are specialized in various attorney jobs.

Look into the experience of the attorney

If you are unsure about the experience of the attorney, here is a tip for you. Ask your question directly to the legal professional. Inquire about the number of personal injury cases that were successfully dealt with by your legal expert. Also, ask about the win to lose ratio to make sure you are working with a thorough professional who will always keep your best interests in heart. You should avoid attorneys that take on personal injury cases as a part-time job.

Ask about who will handle your case

Maybe you have learned about a particular service from a television or internet advertisement. This might lead you to believe that the lawyer in the ad will handle your case. In most of the cases, the majority of the work is either handled by a junior attorney or a legal associate. However, if you are looking for a more personal touch, ask about the attorney representing you and communicate personally with him/her.

Ask about a general timeline for the resolution of the case

With any personal injury case, the usual schedule of life gets hampered by the visits from the investigating doctors and the legal proceedings. Keep in mind that you will have to deal with these additional hassles on top of the medical bills and loss of wages in case the injury is of a severe nature. Some factors affect the duration of a trial if any. So, it is essential to inquire about a general time-frame for the resolution of the case.

About the fee being “as-per-contingency” basis

It is vital to keep in mind that most of the personal injury attorney works on a no-win-no-pay basis. This means they will work for you free of charge until there is a favorable outcome for your case. In that case, a percentage of the proceeds will be accepted by the attorney as remuneration charges. Personal injury attorneys who work on an hourly flat rate basis might prove expensive in the long run. So, ask your questions to avoid unwelcome surprises in the long term.

Ask about doing your part

You need to understand that just by hiring the attorney, you aren’t guaranteed the success. Ask about doing your part, which might include consultation with several investigative doctors, PIs, and collection of evidence. Make sure that you and your attorney work as a seamless team for the best possible outcome.

Ask about the trial experience of the attorney

Most of the personal injury cases do not go to trials. This is because of the fact that these cases are usually dealt with through out-of-court settlements. You would still need your attorney to negotiate the deal and prepare the legal documents. But there are the odd-cases which requires a full court trial. It is, therefore, crucial to ask about the trial experience of your attorney. Only a handful of experts are adequately qualified to deal with a court trial.

Ask about the license and certification

You will also need to ask about the license and the certification for your attorney. It is illegal for an attorney to practice without the required licensure. After ensuring this fact, you need to look into the background of your attorney and make sure that there aren’t any disciplinary issues both of the legal and ethical nature concerning your attorney.

The personality of your attorney

There are several legal services and representatives that are in this line of trade to make a quick buck out of a settlement. This quick payoff scheme hurts you in the long run. So you need to make sure that the attorney has your best interests at heart. You are not required to settle the case if you don’t want to. So make sure that the compensation covers all your medical bills, loss of wages, and the attorney charges before you sign the settlement papers. You need to take into account your mental anguish as well when deciding on the right settlement amount. Discuss your side with your attorney to make sure you and your legal representative are on the same page.

Ask for references from past clients

The best possible way to guarantee a quality service is also the reviews and ratings. When you are on the search for a personal injury lawyer, look for services with the maximum ratings and positive reviews from various online resources. You can ask your attorney directly to furnish recommendation from past clients. This will make sure of the expertise level for your attorney.

We sincerely hope that our list helps you in your search for the right personal injury attorney in case you get injured. Take care.

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