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Kate is a singer, songwriter and producer raised in the outskirts of Venice, Italy. She started as a singer and guitarist of a pop punk girl band called “Fall in the destiny”. She moved to London determined to make it in the music industry and that marks the beginning of her story.

“When I got to London my first step into the UK industry was at the Roundhouse in Camden Town. Their studio was bidding for new talent under the in-house mentors. I was learning music production.”

But not everything that glitters is gold…

“I was sharing a little room in south London. I had no money and didn’t want to work a regular job, so I was doing all sorts of part time jobs to pay the bills while working on my career. I signed up with few modelling agencies and started to work as talent for music videos. That’s how I met my first manager, Jeff Ashitey, who introduced me to the UK music scene”.

Kate came to the attention of UK and US producers as prolific songwriter, collaborating on records for some of the world top divas including Katy Perry. She can write any genre from pop, hip hop, rock, to dance which is what made her so interesting to the eyes of the people around her and the industry.

In 2018 she dropped her first single “Shooting Stars”, which became a chart success ending up at #8 in the pop charts.

“I was still working in a bar at night, modelling during the day and had a song in the charts at the same time. It all happened so fast; I didn’t realise what was going on”.

And here’s the kicker. Kate Klein meets Bob Leone, known as the artistic director of the songwriters hall of them during which he featured Lady gaga and Lana del rey at the beginning of their careers. He eventually, after following her career for a few months, invited her to NY to record and produce her music. She was popping around the studio with a t-shirt saying ”Italians do It better”. Everyone was raptured by her energy.

‘’That was my first time in NYC, It was like a dream. I met bob at the Westway diner on 42nd street, and from the first second NYC had stolen my heart: I was and still am in Love. I recorded three demos at Eastside Sound in the Lower East Side. That night I was hanging around West Village and listening to music at the Bitter End, losing myself in the lights, the traffic ,and the magic that is NY.

An unstoppable risk taker … she makes what’s impossible, possible:

”I went to America with 600$ and slept in the vocal booth of a recording studio for months whilst recording songs. I was writing for Katy Perry and I had no money nothing. It was tough, but I kinda laughed at myself. I was like, hey Kate look at you, crazy isn’t? Your life is a blockbuster movie… but when you get comfortable with being outside of the comfort zone, anything can happen….”

Her American journey led her to record her next singles at the famous Abbey Roads studios.

”After my American jouney I was back in London again. And that’s when stars aligned. I connected with Stefano Moro, an italian sound engineer and producer working with the biggest stars in LA and I got some new tracks from Eff3x, a producer from NY. Stefano decided to come to London and work on these tracks together. we spent 5 days writing songs and recording demos in my house, and then we went to record at the Abbey road studios…unforgettable moments…”

Kate is the painter of her entire career, a real self made girl that works harder than anyone can even think.

”I have very high standards on myself. When I become obsessed with something, I give all I got, I push myself over the limit. Music is my obsession. It’s a persistent desire and image that in have in my mind… when you’re obsessed you can manifest anything you want. Although I often thought that this could become a problem…I don’t see any other way of achieving the level of what I define as Success… because you need to be obsessed. But I work very hard. I do my social media, I run my own campaigns, create graphics, produce my music videos, contact magazines, network. Sometimes, I have to admit, It’s a bit harder to be taken seriously as a woman…but I don’t care. I always find a way to get what I want anyway…” she laughs .

In May she released Love on drugs, a catchy alt-pop song with a hooky chorus inspired by her love for Tim Burton and emo music. The song has gained the attention from media outlest both in the Uk and in the USA, and is constantly growing in countries worldwide such as Asia, Russia , Indonesia, USA which seems in line with Klein’s aura, transcending between light and darkness.

After the success of the guitar based track ‘Love on Drugs’ earlier this year, she is now back wih a new banger called ”U So Extra!”, released on August 30th under her own label ‘Kate Klein World’.

With warm production values, and an infectuous catchy chorus, this is a real pop anthem.

”I wrote It inspired by the Internete slang ‘ Extra’ which means ” being all over the top and overacting”. I see being extra as just being unique, being yourself and authentic…”

The video was produced by Kate, and directed by Nate Perry Films in Venice Beach LA. It features a diverse and interesting ” Extra” cast shot in the style of an Old Skool ‘Blink 182’ video, with the star of the show being Buddy Hefner, the Dalmatian.

”I went to the other side of the world to film the MV. I wanted that LA vibe that you can’t find anywhere else. I organized a casting for dogs and that’s how I founded Buddy, the dalmatian. The music video was filmed by Nate Perry, an amazing videographer who worked with many major artists. Titi, the blonde Pamela Anderson type of girl, is a social media influencer. She is acting the ”basic bitch” in the music video. That was funny, because we became friends, and during the shoot we were supposed to be enemies…

I wanted to enlighten that ‘being extra’ by featuring differnent characters,” extra” in different ways. The contrast between me and Titi, and the queer guy at the swimming pool party, and the Dalmatian. We are all extra in some way, and this is beatiful…”

It’s a great roller coaster feel good record!

A life full of adventures. I wonder   what’s gonna be her next adventure. This journey is gettig more and more interesting, and seems like there’s always something new to know about her. One thing for sure is that she lives her life the fullest, with all the ups and downs, success and rejections, and maybe we all have something to learn from this girl.

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