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When I started writing content for the web, I didn’t really pay much attention to the word counter tools. However, after enrolling on numerous Web 2.0 sites, I realized that this would be an important part of my online writing strategy. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a fast writer for writing my own web 2.0 sites – as long as I collect and organize my ideas, my browser time out and whatever form I enter. I lose what I have. The will be easier options to you just visit to explore more.

Obviously the solution to this problem is to compile content online in advance. This not only fixes the browser timeout issue – but also gives you the opportunity to select keywords more carefully while typing. This can make a big difference in how well the content is optimized for search engines and web directories. Regardless of what type of editing tool you prefer (see word counter resources below), it is helpful to have some idea of ​​the word count and character counting guidelines. Is what most Web 2.0 sites ask you to follow?

Article submission websites – Suggested word and character count.

Central Story – Most article submission sites count at least 250 words for a central story to ensure that the content presented provides some value to readers. Although some sites allow a maximum of 5,000 words, most poetry publishers write between 300 and 500 words.

Titles and Abstracts – In addition to your main story, most article collection sites ask for the title and summary of your work. You can check the website yourself for specific guidelines, but as a general rule, the required number for your title should be around 50-100 characters (not words). For summaries, you will find most website guidelines recommending 100-200 characters.

Social Bookmarking Websites – Suggested word and character count.

The main description or summary. This should be a brief overview of the article you are reviewing. Most sites limit this copy to around 500 characters. However, a well-written summary can often be only 200 to 300 characters. Titles – Similar to article submission sites, the topics you provide to a social bookmarking site are usually limited to 100 characters.

Word Counter and Character Counter Tools.

You will find numerous online word counting tools on the web, but not all tools allow you to save your work for publication at a later date. You may also want to consider whether you prefer the word and letter counting tool when trolling, rather than clicking the “count” button to view the total at any time. In some cases a simple word processing program like MS Word will help you count and keep a copy of your work stored. For more sophisticated counting tools, see my resources below. Some of the things are too much close to get quality and then word count matter with that actually. As much as your work load decrease so then visiting the online sites will be helpful to but you need to visit here to get positive results.

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