Best Pole Dancing Moves To Lose Weight

Pole dancing is a very popular sport that can be both a hobby and an important part of your daily workout routine. Most pole dancing exercises can greatly benefit those looking to lose weight and get toned all in one routine of dancing. Here are some of the best pole dancing moves for weight loss:

1 Kick Moves

Kicking moves are one of the best moves that beginners can take advantage of to lose weight. These moves are perfect for those that want to get more toned in the leg area and tighten up the thighs or shins. You want to make sure that you’re keeping your legs and toes pointed and aligned properly whenever that is necessary to avoid strain or pulling.

The best kick move in pole dancing that will benefit your legs the most would be the fan kick. The fan kick allows you to use your upper body strength and lower body strength to balance yourself and bring out power in your legs.

2 Spin Moves

Spin moves are great for those that want to get more experience in motion during pole dancing. This can be an incredibly fun thing to try and it’s also pretty easy to do for beginners!

Spin moves have a balance between leg work, abdominal work, and upper body work since you will use your arms to hold yourself on the pole while spinning. Most spin moves require a decent amount of leg work since you will cross one or two legs over the pole to create a spinning effect.

The best spin moves to lose weight include the:

  • Fireman Spin
  • Chair Spin
  • Ballerina Spin
  • Carousel Spin
  • Back Hook Spin

Practicing these moves often will help you tone your arms and abdomen muscles in no time.

3 Splits Moves

Even if you’re a beginner that doesn’t know how to do the splits, you can still perform splits moves by either doing a variation of a split or spending extra time to learn how to perform the splits.  Put on some good dance music, and you’re set!

Split moves will help tone inner legs and improve your pelvic health as well. Even with exercises like yoga, stretching out the lower can have many health benefits besides toning and weight loss.

The best splits moves to try include:

  • Russian Split
  • Jade Split
  • Grip Split

Grip split moves are better for beginners to try.

4 Hook Moves

Hook moves are best for those that want a little more of a challenge with upper body strength and body weight. Hook moves can actually be wonderful moves to work out the entire body, as you are combining upper body strength, lower body strength, and abdominal strength to complete the move.

Hook moves are also very fun to perform, as they give you the chance to swing around and fly on the pole!

The best hook moves include:

  • Back Hook
  • Front Hook
  • Ballet Hook
  • Hook and Roll

5 Floor + Pole Combo Moves

The outside step is one of the most basic pole dancing moves you can try. If you’re a beginner that has weak joints or a hard time lifting yourself up, you can simply practice the outside step to get started.

The outside step is great for various reasons. First, it can help you get a basic understanding of the way you need to walk and keep your toes pointing as you perform any move in any pole exercise. Secondly, it can be great for toning your legs with almost no effort at all.

Try performing pole dancing moves that allow you to stay grounding and use more leg and arm work versus trying to perform moves that require you to lift up and hold lots of body weight.

The best moves include:

  • Back Arch
  • Back Bend
  • Dive Down
  • Hip Dips
  • Pirouette

6 Knee Tuck Move

This single move is probably one of the most perfect pole dancing moves that you can perform to increase abdominal strength. You can start with standing beside the pole and gripping it with your arms. Then you want to lift your body up using your legs and pull them up against your chest repeatedly.

It is sort of like doing abdominal crunches in the air without moving your upper body. Remember that this is another move that requires a bit of upper body strength, so it may or may not be beginner friendly depending on how fit you are when you start out.

For those that aren’t that strong or at the required level yet to lift themselves for this move, try lifting one leg at a time until you can lift both. This modified version can still allow you to build tension in your abs and get toned.

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