Unbelievable Martial Arts Myths

Martial arts movies often show us some ridiculous actions that against the law of physics such as a person can jump on the air, punch releasing bust and immune from the bullet.

Of course, we all do not see these things in real life. However, there will be several techniques that make you amazing face

Grabbing Arrows

A professional person is able to pluck or catch an arrow with high speed that aims right to the middle of his head. This sound ridiculous, however, it has existed for a long time when you have not yet been born.

You may raise a question mark that the arrow is too fast to dodge not to say catching it. But did you watch a recent video about a man being able to cut a bullet in half by a samurai sword?

We know that it is extremely difficult, however, it is not totally impossible if you have enough patience and courage.

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Levitation in real life is extremely different from blockbuster. A kung-fu practitioner needs some supports in order to perform walking on the surface of a river.

Firstly, he has to place a long and soft canvas on the water’s surface that spread all the way he walks.

Secondly, taking off all his clothes excepting the short make him more comfortable and softer while he does the levitation.

The only thing he can do is to walk on the river with these facilities which are having great difference from jumping on the air.

However, if you practice this skill, we bet that it will be very helpful in many aspects of your life. Levitation will help you to run away from threats, enhance your flexibility and gain more reflexion.

Defeating Enemies With Normal And Everyday Objects

This is an interesting part because John Wick kills his enemy with just a pencil. The skill is true to not only the film but also real life.

Even Jackie Chan convinced his audience that everything around us from a shoestring to a colander can be a deadly weapon.

If you do not believe the information mentioned above, you can check out several Youtube clip that shows a man throwing plastic chopstick through a stainless steel bowl.

The One-Inch Punch

We bet that many people know about one-inch punch performed by a Kung-fu legend, Bruce Lee. However, he went away for a long time ago, the news was faded and day by day people forget about that myth.

The punch requires a perfect stance which combines with explosive power technique. The power of the punch comes from the way you forcing your body rotating within a second.

It is a combination of a series of mini actions with perfect coordination that were practiced for years. You have to learn how to control your whole body before you are able to release a powerful strike.

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