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How 5G will take mobile gaming to the next level

The next evolution of mobile internet is here, unless you’ve been curled up in a ball and shut yourself away from the world for the last few months and haven’t heard of it before, but it’s called 5G and is much faster than 4G, around ten times faster in fact.

Faster mobile internet is only one of the benefits of 5G, though. It will also result in less congested networks and should result in less networks being clogged up and congested as download speeds will be faster and, put simply, stop a build-up of traffic.

When it comes to mobile gaming, it has also improved that experience massively too. Playing games like Angry Birds and Pokemon Go is easier and websites that offer up a place to play games like Wild Gambler at Mansion in England, will be smoother and, most importantly of all, faster, which will improve the gaming experience all round and allow for gamers to access and download creations like never before.

But, with all of this in mind, what are the other benefits of 5G when it comes to mobile gaming? Let’s take a look!

Quicker game downloads

We’ve mentioned it above, but game downloads will be quicker. 5G will also mean there’s more data which helps when it comes to faster downloads. With games like Injustice 2 clocking in at over 1GB, most gamers will likely wait until they’re connected to a Wi-Fi network before downloading a game like that. This is primarily to save data, but another factor is that over 4G the download takes a while longer, and would effect your phone’s battery – essentially draining it a hell of a lot.

With the introduction of 5G, data plans look set to be increased. With 5G resulting in more data and faster downloads, a 5G gamer dropping 1GB and a few seconds of time spent downloading, shouldn’t leave their data plan or battery struggling to cope. Essentially, the faster the download speed, the more kind it is to your phone and its battery.

As for those increased data plans mentioned, there’s already a few examples out there. Take EE for example, which currently, at the time of writing, offers 5G with two data packages – 30GB per month, or 60GB per month. The 4G packages meanwhile, range from 250MB through to 50GB per month.

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Low latency gaming

Perhaps a less obvious benefit of higher speed mobile internet, lower latency is a hugely important and user friendly development. But what exactly is it? Latency is the time between an action, and that action being registered. So, when you write with a pen, the latency would be the time between the ink leaving the pen and marking the piece of paper you’re writing it on. With online gaming, latency is the speed with which a command is registered and actioned on your screen. Basically, the lower the latency, the better.

The introduction of 5G will mean lower latency gaming, which can only be a good thing, especially when playing a multi-player game for example.

There’s more…

5G also means streaming virtual reality movies and games, which have higher bandwidth requirements, will be easier. This is because two images need to be streamed for VR and both of these need to be high-resolution to deliver a better overall gaming experience. Mobile gaming hardware is also set to reflect 5G’s advancements, meaning we could see some even better creations in what is another exciting chapter in the world of mobile gaming.

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