TRACK BY TRACK: AvaGrace’s ‘The Witching Hours’

We exclusively spoke to UK alt rockers AvaGrace ( ) about their forthcoming new album, The Witching Hours, which is out this Friday. The guys gave us this in-depth insight into the tracks on the record:

“Misguided: This song is one that anyone who’s ever been in a band and tried to push it hard can relate to. It’s all fun and games in the beginning but as you start to take it more seriously it becomes hard. So you push and push and hope to break through but sometimes you feel no matter what you do you’re not really getting anywhere. The lyrics were born through those frustrations and those low points in a band. We feel the music is a nice contrast to the lyrics because it’s quite a pacey, upbeat sounding song. But no matter what happens, you keep on doing what you’re doing and hoping for the best.

The Ghost of Warden Bay:  The ghost of warden bay was written with the concept in mind of those old ghost stories, specifically the ones where a lover goes off to fight a war or find inner peace etc. The person left behind says that they will wait forever for them and in the end that is what they do as the absconded never returns. Eons later the ghost of the one left behind still haunts the shores, awaiting their lovers return.

Close to the edge: We’ve all been there. A little lost, a little confused and a lot of angry. Yet despite this being apparent to almost everyone, people still seem to be pushing your damn buttons, as if they actually want to be the cause of your impending breakdown. This is also one of the grooviest, juiciest sounding tracks on the album. Check the video out, here –

Still in Motion Pt 2: Still in motion Pt 2 deals with feelings of stagnation. Its lyrical content is about feeling like the whole world is passing you by. That everyone is doing better than you are and that the grass is greener on the other side. We all have those times when self-doubt is the order of the day. When we struggle to keep up with others, or even our own expectation of ourselves. When we dwell to long on our failings of the past. When we want to break out of it and start a fresh but just don’t have the energy.

Failing friends: This song was written in contrast to still in motion pt 2. It deals with being a close friend of someone who isn’t doing so well in life. As a friend we always should try to help and encourage our pals. Sometimes though, no matter what you do, you can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. It’s about taking too much ownership of someone in a shit situation, and feeling responsible for the fact you couldn’t bring them back from it.

The Witching Hours: The Witching Hours is a track about one of those crazy house parties. One where there are lots of intoxicants floating about. It’s about meeting a random person who you’ve never met before and never will again. Even against the backdrop of illicit substances and debauchery there was still something quite romantic about the time spent together. But then how much of the Chemistry was down to chemicals? Strange things happen late at night. Watch the video, here –

Rain: Considering its melancholy tones Rain lyrically is very positive and optimistic. When you’ve been down and out for so long and feeling like your stuck in a rut and then something comes along in your life that change your whole perspective and you start to feel yourself again, you tell yourself you never want to go back to that dark place again and you learn you have to just embrace the bad with the good.

Letters to home: This song is for anyone who never felt good enough for their parents. Whether you are constantly seeking their approval or whether you can’t live up to a more well regarded sibling.

It’s about coming to terms with the fact you’ll never be good enough for some people. Because it’s not always you, sometimes it’s the perception of you, and while you can do your best to change and be better, sometimes a perception doesn’t.

Consumer consumed: Consumer consumed deals with addiction. It’s about using things that make you feel good to cover up the fact that you don’t. Anyone can see what they are doing to themselves; they can see it’s no good. The slow decent into reclusiveness as you alienate yourself and all your friends. You know ultimately it’s all no good, and yet you carryon anyway, as it’s the easiest thing to do. And sometimes, by the time you pull your head out your arse, there’s no one left around who cares anymore, and there aren’t many pieces of your life left to pick back up.”

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