The #1 Mistake People Make When Choosing a Hosting Provider

How are you going to choose your next hosting provider?

If you make the price your determining factor, you’re actually setting yourself up to lose a lot of money.

Cheap hosting is incredibly expensive and can cost you the following things.

1. Site Speed

Cheap or free hosting companies are notoriously slow. If this is something you’re struggling with, we invite you to learn more about website hosting from HostPapa and make a switch as soon as possible.

They have also been known to slow you down on purpose by throttling your site’s speed to preserve their own bandwidth.

Today’s average visitor’s attention span and patience aren’t measured in seconds, they’re measured in milliseconds. In fact, according to Unbounce, a 100-millisecond delay in load time can cause conversion rates to drop by 7%.

Remember, don’t just test your homepage’s speed. A lot of people make this mistake, which leads them to believe their site is faster than it actually is. Test your homepage, but also be sure to test your crucial product and service pages, as well as your blog pages.

Slow load speeds on any of these other pages can cost you even more traffic than your homepage. So, be sure to test your speed site-wide.

2. Lost Leads and Sales

What does that 7% drop in conversions mean? It means fewer qualified leads for your sales team and money leaking right out of your sales funnel.

The biggest downside is that these frustrated and annoyed leads will leave your site and go directly to your competition. They knew exactly what they wanted, but your site couldn’t deliver it in time.

You are gift-wrapping some extremely buy-ready leads to the other guys.

3. Search Engine Clout

It is really difficult to put a dollar value on this. You can’t buy search engine success. However, a lack of it can be very expensive.

Google looks at your site’s load speeds when determining your value. At the same time, a high bounce rate isn’t going to help you either.

And as we just explored above, your loss is your competition’s gain. If you can’t crack the first page of the search engine results, they will be more than happy to claim that real estate for you and take the traffic that goes with it. So look for the best medium.

4. Your Reputation

This could be the first impression you make with a customer, so don’t ruin it by making them wait.

According to data from Customer research lab, 66% of surveyed customers said a business’ website performance influences their impression of the company. At the same time,another 33% of customers have a negative impression of a company with a poor performing website.

This is another win for the competition. You have let this would-be customer down, so the competitor gets to swoop in and be the heroes.

All of these factors should combine to make the decision to pass on a cheap host an easy decision. Price should never be the determining factor, because that low price comes with a lot of long-term expenses.

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