Is VR the Future of Online Gambling?

Technology and gambling have always gone hand in hand, and their evolution was almost simultaneous at times. Ever since the late 20th century when a company currently known as Microgaming launched its first set of simple online casino table games, the growth of online casino gaming has been exponential.

Online gambling has been the cornerstone of gaming, especially with the use of mobile technology. Today, players can access casino lobbies using their smartphones and tablets and play their favorite casino games on the go. Mobile technology has changed the way casino businesses operate and think, and it is not only about being able to play games wherever you are – it has everything to do with their quality.

With online slots, roulette, blackjack and other casino table games available in online casinos, you will experience superb graphics, fast gameplay, exciting game themes, and the next best thing when land-based casino experience is concerned.

Furthermore, live dealer casino table games are rapidly gaining popularity since you can play against a real dealer by tuning in to their live feed together with other players from all parts of the world. These live casino games are a proper step toward bringing the gambling experience of brick-and-mortar casinos to your screen, but it is not the only one.

Online casinos seem to have found the best combination of both gambling worlds — virtual reality technology.

What is VR Technology?

Virtual reality is a computer technology that employs a series of reality headsets to generate realistic images, sounds, and various other sensations that ultimately simulate users’ physical experience in a virtual environment. This technology can replicate real-life actions in a virtual setting. Pretty neat, ha?

The VR experience requires specific equipment and sensors to make it as realistic as possible. For example, VR headsets like Oculus Rift come with built-in microphones, headphones, motion sensors, controllers, and a remote. Other headsets with similar technology are HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, etc.

These headsets can also be combined with other VR gear such as controllers and even treadmills, especially when it comes to VR games.

Also, the use of VR exceeds the entertainment business as we can see its application in medicine, science, and other areas of life. Doctors can prepare for complex surgeries using VR technology and thus minimize the chance of failure. Moreover, VR can assist in space exploration by simulating the environment astronauts can expect at space stations and therefore prepare them for their missions.

The options are basically endless, and online casinos and software producers have already exploited some of the possibilities VR offers.

VR and Online Casinos

With the use of VR technology, the potential for creating a combination of online gambling and virtual reality is beyond any limits. With VR, you will be transferred entirely to a new space where you will be completely immersed in a different reality.

You can enjoy sensations such as walking through a (virtual) casino and playing different casino games. The entire experience is a unique combination of action and movement with sounds, lights, and possibly even smells.

Not only does this immersive gaming experience let you wander around a casino, but it also allows you to enjoy the sensations of being “inside” the games. One of the pioneers of VR in this space is SlotsMillion which is said to be quite immersive and easy to setup.

Ultimately, with VR, you can even get a hyper-reality situation where you can find yourself playing roulette on top of a pyramid or see yourself walking around a famous Las Vegas casino without ever leaving your home.

The Advantages of VR Online Gambling

The immersive gameplay is not the only advantage of using VR in online casinos. Of course, having a realistic gaming experience is a huge plus and probably the most significant benefits of VR online gaming. However, there are many other positive sides to it as well.

Namely, VR online casinos are bound to attract attention from players who don’t have the opportunity or time to visit land-based casinos and who want the closest experience to it as possible.

Furthermore, this new way of touring a real casino in virtual space while exploring its games and amenities is something not seen before and could be a great way of inspecting a casino before actually paying it a visit in real life.

Also, online gamblers can enjoy real-time communication with other players and dealers, much like they would in a brick-and-mortar casino.

The Possible Hurdles of Using VR in Online Gaming

Apart from the various positive aspects of VR, there are specific problems that might arise. First, the production of VR casino games is expensive, and it is still in the experimental phase. The expenses increase, especially when you want to create complex 3-D worlds, so the question of cost-effectiveness and possible profitability of software companies remains a primary concern.

Also, there is the cost of additional equipment and hardware every gambler needs to have before playing VR casino games. The equipment can cost anywhere from $300 to more than $1,000 for more cutting edge models. Without at least a VR headset, you won’t be able to access VR content and experience virtual reality, so it is mandatory to have some equipment. If you want to upgrade the equipment with additional sensors and gadgets, you’ll need to pay a couple of hundreds more.

Although VR games are and will be available on both PCs and mobile devices, there is the issue of your computer specs. If you are using a PS4 or mobile device, you don’t need to worry about these, but computers are a different matter. You will need some serious firepower from the graphic card and processor if you want everything to run smoothly.


VR is a technology of the future, and that future has already arrived. Online casinos are reshaping the casino experience and taking it to a whole new level. There, you will see how it feels to play at land-based casinos without leaving your couch. This immersive gameplay and sensory experience are unlike any other, and although the technology is still in its infancy, breakthroughs are happening daily, and online casinos and software developers are its pioneers.

Canadian born Thomas Wilson is a freelance writer and iGaming enthusiast with an interest in technology and entertainment.

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