INTERVIEW: Teen Singer-Songwriter Noella Rain

Hi Noella, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been doing well, feeling hopeful and motivated as I start my junior year of high school.  I’m excited and deeply grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given related to my music, and I am looking forward to the adventures yet to come.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Black and White”?

“Black & White” is about being in a relationship with someone who is trying to change who you are. The main imagery I used when writing the song related colors, a simple metaphor that depicted the message I’m trying to send. When people truly love you, they accept you not try to change you into someone else. That’s part of the beauty of true love and genuine relationship. We are all individuals, no one in the same, and that’s what makes us all wonderfully beautiful.

Did any event, in particular, inspire you to write this song?

I wouldn’t say any event in particular inspired me to create this song.  However, I’ve definitely had painful confusing experiences that left me aware that I wasn’t accepted for who I am, when I’ve felt like the distinct “colors” or “canvas” of myself weren’t valued. I also have known people in my life who have been in relationships and have felt hurt and rejected in similar ways. I wrote the song with the intention that it could help and possibly inspire or uplift others. So I would say multiple experiences, ideas, struggles and personal thought the message and song “Black & White”.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Not currently, but there are some clips on my instagram of me performing the song live.

The single comes off your new album Phoenix – what’s the story behind the title?

“Phoenix” is the musical depiction of my journey over the past two years as a person. Each song on the album, “Bare” & “Black & White” included, which are currently released are all part of an ongoing story of my own self-discovery.

The album starts out expressing more of raw dark tones related to difficult struggles that I’ve had to wrestle with,  but as the album progresses into more empowering and hopeful tones/messages I’ like to think can be a meaningful encouragement to others. Life can be incredibly hard and with this album I didn’t want to discount the pain and hardship that we all face at times in different ways, I wanted to express that clearly. My intention with the album is to send an authentic message, one not glossing over the true pain in times of  darkness, nor the true hope of finding the way to even greater light.

How were the recording and writing process?

I worked with an amazing producer, Jeff Gruber, at Blue House Productions whom I’m beyond grateful I found. He is a brilliant arranger, but he also took my input and ideas incredibly seriously which meant the world to me. We work really well together creatively.

Jeff has been a God-send to me, he naturally understands my vibe (colors 😉 ) as an artist, and knows how to transform my songs  into fuller and more beautiful pieces. I wrote most of the songs on this upcoming album over the past six months. In truth I don’t have a specific writing process and tend to write my best songs spontaneously in spurts of inspiration. Most often a melody comes to me first, which inspires a certain mood, which helps me conceptualize the lyrics and form a song.

With the success of your previous single “Bare” – were you nervous while putting together this new material?

No I wouldn’t say I was nervous. I wrote “Bare” around the same time I wrote most of the other songs on this upcoming album, music making is therapeutic for me. Though I struggle with anxiety in other areas of my life, anything with music (songwriting, recording and the like) is where I tend to feel the most myself and the least nervous.

What were some of your personal experiences you got to explore on this record?

I dive into many personal experiences on this upcoming record. Every song comes from a place of vulnerability and authenticity that I hope with all my heart can resonate with others. I’ve struggled a lot with anxiety as a teenager. The songs cover a wide variety of topics and issues that I wanted to bring attention to such as unhealthy beauty standards, feelings of inadequacy in relationships, depression, and dealing with trauma while trying to move forward.

Ultimately I want to send a message of hope, empowerment, and courage. Whenever we overcome pain by not letting our struggles ultimately hold us back in life -it’s at is a victorious feat worth celebrating.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I find inspiration through my loved ones, the many people who support & encouraged me, my faith in a loving God, and through the work of other inspiring artists whose styles, poetry, &/or messages resonate with me. I’m inspired by other artists seeking to pursue their passions in authentic and powerful ways   Yet I try not to make comparisons or imitate others, because I think the distinct uniqueness of each person can bring an original touch of beauty to whatever an artist is creating.

Any plans to hit the road?

I don’t have any plans to hit the road currently. I love traveling, the idea of possibly going on tour one day is one of my biggest dreams.

What else is happening next in Noella Rain’s world?

My debut album “Phoenix” will be released on November 2nd, which also happens to be my 17th birthday this year. As that date approaches I’m preparing by trying to finalize all of the ten songs I wrote for the album. I’m beyond pumped about the album release and can’t wait to share the complete story journey through my music with others. I’m praying some of it will connect with and touch others in positive ways, there would be no greater privilege for me as an aspiring singer-song-writer.

Listen to “Black and White” HERE.

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