10 Most Hated League of Legends Champions

We survived much and then created the list of most hated heroes in LoL. 

Recently, Neeko, the Curious Chameleon, the new League of Legends champion joined the legion of hated heroes. Neeko is a newcomer, so we decided not to include her into this article. But other 10 most hated League of Legends champions are here. Full list of LoL heroes you can find here. You can also get LOL smurf accounts to buy your own champions in the game.

Well, how frequently have you met situations when a champion picked in a game made your blood boil? How frequently do you think “oh, no, not this one!” after a teammate or an enemy picks a certain character? Wee know that feel. We were there, we survived a lot, and now we are ready. We are ready to tell you about characters we hate but love passionately at the same time. 

10. Annie

One of the oldest LoL champions, and one of the easiest mid lane champions in terms of skill mechanics. In 2018, Riot Games released a very impressive movie where the story of Annie is told: a child of darkness appears as a little girl who lost her family. The video is cool but doubtfully correlates with the scary image Annie has in the game: she does not let you breathe and laughs every time after stunning you with fire waves. Annie is thought to be of the best midlaners to boost your rank: at least, that’s what professionals and analysts say. And if your team can’t coordinate to turn the enemy Annie’s laning phase into pure hell and prevent her from reaching your squishy teammates, then we’ve go bad news for you. Besides this, visiting this site would be ideal if you are planning to buy Elo boosting accounts as it will help you to boost up your position in the game.

How to deal with Annie: if you can’t get out of Bronze/Silver or even Gold, choose Annie yourself, play carefully during the laning phase, farm minions. When it comes to teamfights, enter the fight with your Flash and throw Tibbers into faces of your enemies. Congratulations, you’ve won the game! 

9. Soraka

Just imagine that: you are Malzahar. You had an excellent lane phase, had sent the enemy midlaner to the base for another time a few minutes ago, you’ve got 3 full items and 200 minions till 20 minutes. You walk across the enemy jungle to get another blue buff and suddenly meet Caitlyn there. 

Three possible results:

  1. Caitlyn dies in two abilities. 
  2. Caitlyn dies in two abilities + ultimate. 
  3. Caitlyn jumps on a cone and runs away. 

You predicted the third case and hit the cone. So, there are no exits for Caitlyn. But if there is Soraka in the enemy team, then there appears another, hidden result: at the moment you press R, Soraka comes to help her precious marksman despite she seemed to be on a bot lane some seconds ago: she’ll hit you with silence, and use Censer, Redemption, and God knows what else on Caitlyn. And then Soraka will throw bananas into your face till you die. She’ll get the kill, and take the blue buff off your body. 

How to deal with Soraka: pick Soraka yourself. Build Redemption, Warmog’s Armor and anything useful, and enjoy your life: helping teammates is very funny and it can raise your elo, too. 

8. Zoe

Zoe is a rare champion who was able to irritate the community very quickly: it took her just a couple months to become hated. Zoe did a great job about that. She’s been literally everywhere since the moment of her release, but the most scary thing is about her stars, sparkles and other shiny stuff bringing tons of damage to you from a huge distance. She came to replace Nidalee: if puma’s spears were about a quick and mostly unexpected death, then after catching the Zoe’s sleeping ability you’ll have endlessly long seconds to see how she casts her Q, ultimate, jumps, uses Flash… and then your HP-bar just vanishes. 

How to deal with Zoe: pick Morgana, Fizz or any other champion with their cast range even longer than that of Zoe. 

7. Shaco 

Do you want to hide in a bush? There’s the Shaco’s box. Do you want to take your red buff? There is the Shaco’s box, and Shaco himself is in the bush nearby. Do you want to gank mid? Sorry, but there is the Shaco’s box in the place where you are going. Did you escape the lost fight with 5 HP? Bad news for you… 

How to deal with Shaco: do you need to know that? You’ll still win your game.

6. Lee Sin

This is the champion able to literally kick you to death. The good Lee Sin lands every Q on target, has wards and the ultimate skin charged to throw you into the crowd of enemies and watch you die, unless you died while flying. The blind monk has great mobility, crowd control, shielding, and much damage and is one of the most balanced League of Legends champions. Some people think he is useless in the late game. But at first, they’re wrong, and at second… who said you’ll make it to the late game? 

In addition, your teammates playing on this character suffer from the “Lee Sin syndrome”: if their Q lands on target, they fly into it obligatory. No matter if this decision is wise or suicidal. 

How to deal with Lee Sin: pick Volibear and irritate Lee Sin in return. 

5. Vayne 

One of the most difficult marksmen in the game does not have those popular skill combinations and tricky mechanics. Make enemies hit walls, choose right positions in teamfights and press RMB hardly. You made it? Congratulations, you’ve done Vayne’s job. Her complexity lies in her fake simplicity. So, a good Vayne player is not frequent to meet, and of course they’ll be in enemy teams. 

But not many people know that Vayne has a hidden passive ability: when playing in the enemy team, she casts permanent stuns on all your teammates in the radius of at least three screens. No prays or those “pls focus vayne” chat messages will help you. She’ll press R and then kill your midlaner, carry, toplaner and jungler while you’ll be watching all this as Karma. And then you will die, too. 

Maybe, your team knows about killing: you’ll initiate a teamfight like pros, focus some Kha’Zix (well, useless 0\5\0 Malphite is more probable), kill the rest of your enemies and outnumber your enemy. But this all means absolutely nothing because Vayne will be the last champion standing and GG! 

How to deal with Vayne: be a good example for your team and invest all your resources into it. Then see your Nexus exploding, have some tea with calming herbs and start banning Vayne till the end of your life. 

4. Tryndamere

He’s an amazing character created to honor Marc Merrill, the creator of LoL. This champion has health regen, slow, dash, 5 seconds of invulnerability and TONS OF DAMAGE. Additionally he has a classic giant sword and the right hand that is stronger than his left one. How can they die 5 times in a row while playing on this champion? But the most irritating feature: all Tryndameres playing for your team are terrible feeders. Humanity does not know the reason and the way to overcome this bug yet. 

All in all, this is a great champion pushing turrets pretty quickly. 

How to deal with Tryndamere: help him. Come to his lane, protect him, bring him kills and he’ll win the game for you. 

3. Teemo 

The League of Legends devil is here: invisibility, blinding, poison, quick movement speed and endless mushrooms. There can’t be just one mushroom: if you stepped into one of them, do not doubt a thousand of them to be nearby. And if Teemo is too brave in front of three enemies, have no doubts: there is the minefield behind him. 

And yeah, he wears that silly green hat! 

Everyone hates Teemo. 

How to deal with Teemo: run. And don’t look back. 

2. Riven 

There’s a definition in LoL: “Riven main”. These are people who play only as Riven, have the 7th mastery rank and several hundreds of thousands of points on this character, choose that Battle Bunny skin and are always toxic for some unknown reason. There is nothing bad about first points, and the bunny skin is just wonderful, but the last point makes other players hate this champion. 

It’s sad. People who know how to control their emotions and have played very much time as Riven can do marvelous plays. She demands a huge amount of practice and precise understanding of your limits, and she is able to win the game on her own. 

How to deal with Riven: tell something pleasant to your flaming Riven. Maybe, she just had a bad day. If this doesn’t help, then just “mute” that player and don’t let them spoil your mood. 

  1. Yasuo

Dat Yasuo. Since the moment when Ionian swordmaster entered Fields of Justice, he conquered hearts of many players forever. One of the most arguable champions, Yasuo causes a real storm of emotions inside the LoL community: some people think he’s strong, others say he’s weak. Some players pick him in every match while others ban him in every match. Many people treat Yasuo players negatively: they think every Yasuo is a troll, a flamer and a 0\20\0 feeder. 

The point is, this character is one of the most difficult champions. His requirements about the player’s mechanics are so high that many just can’t reach the needed level. But those who overcame that line can do unbelievable things. Yasuo has amazing mobility properties allowing to chase or to escape, the wall absorbs enemy abilities for too long and a tricky tornado lets you cover the whole enemy team with the ult. 

Listen to nobody. That’s a wonderful champion. Pick Yasuo, put all efforts on learning how to play him and enjoy your skill rising day after day. They say that PROJECT: Yasuo skin supports that growth, but that’s not solid. 

How to deal with Yasuo: hasagi!

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