What do you look at when you go to an instrument shop to opt for a musical instrument that you want to learn? Piano, guitar, violin, drums and oh even the harp!

Any instrument that is popular among your favorite musician or you just need to learn one to pass the music class can catch your attention. People think that with music comes the great effort of correctly learning the instrument and making the best out of the money that you had spent on buying it – they aren’t that cheap after all.

What’s the problem?

The problem that many people think they will face is related to learning of the instrument the intent to purchase. In the mind of a common man, musical instruments come with heavy tags and an even heavier tagged music teacher who would without a doubt charge them big bucks for giving you music lessons in your home.

Is this true?

To some extent, yes!

While it is obvious that professionals of music can charge you a good amount of money for their services, there are also more economical teachers available as well. It is just a matter of your willingness to learn.

Why people avoid formal music lessons?

Even though you can arrange a music teacher to give you a strong command over the instrument, it is possible that you might not enjoy this privilege. The reason people tend to incline more towards informal methods of learning such as tutoring themselves to master the instrument.

Two of the popular reasons are:

·         Affordability

With regular payments to the music teacher, you are bound to have a decrease in the financial aspect of your life. The tuition fees can sometimes get quite to the head and you might not be able to save enough like before.

·         Tradition and Style

A formal learning style with a proper tutor can be outside your interest as people can take interest in styles of music that are outside the traditional aspect of learning.

If opting for a teacher is not an option in your dictionary or your timeframe is just not aligned with the teacher, even then you have hope – Self-learning!

But how is this possible?

If we were talking directly, you would have asked me this. Self-learning a musical instrument is not all that hard as it requires the same amount of effort (or maybe a bit more) if you are more inclined towards taking direct directions.

Whatever the case is, the question arises whether taking music lessons in your home is actually beneficial or not.

Benefits of self-learning music within the boundaries of your home or favorite spot

Since the evolution of the internet, there are several things that people tend to do within the premises of their own house. This does not disrupt the quality of the service they opt for or the lessons they decide to take. While the internet was becoming accessible for almost everyone, musicians also decided to take part in it.

It is fairly obvious that from the historical background, instruments and how to play them, everything is available with just a few types and clicks away, here are the top benefits of taking music lessons in your home:

Effective Learning

While you explore a topic on its own you are bound to explore multiple domains on your just out of curiosity or just to learn a bit more on the topic. Self-learning awakens a serious connection between the topic and the person who is learning the skill.

Confidence in learning new concepts

As you explore the instrument on your own, you will be intrigued to figure out more concepts and an ability to learn anything on your own. This is definitely a boost of motivation that you are looking for.

Learning Pace

We all know that everyone has a different speed when it comes to learning. While learning with a group of people you might not be able to keep up with the pace positively or negatively. Hence, learning at your level of comfort is quite important and it helps you stick to clearing one concept before jumping to another. You definitely don’t want to miss out on some of the most important notes just because you couldn’t understand the way to perform them.

Research Skills

If you are learning n your own, you must be able to gather resources that enable you to deeply engage with your lesson and have the best time of your life. Researching for resources can make you learn a lot of things and new concepts on the road to finding the perfect lesson for you!

Methods of Learning

Instead of sticking to the hard and fast rule of learning you can invent new methods of learning that will make your life much easier and also enable you to have a fun experience while getting your hands on your favorite instrument. Many people tend to dislike their most favorite instrument just because of the way they are taught at classes or during private lessons.

Practice Time

You can learn at your own convenience and give yourself enough time to practice the skill and master it. To make your practice time more effective, it is recommended to set a specific time and place. This will help you make it an everyday habit. For people who practice violas, create a mini room that will keep you away from all distractions.

Celeb Gang

Many celebrities have also been self-taught and this has not affected them in making their name in the industry. Some of the most famous self-taught musicians are:

  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Keith Moon
  • David Bowie
  • Prince
  • Eton John


Learning and mastering an instrument is an art. While people pay loads of money to take private or public classes to master the art of learning their favorite instrument, self-learning can also result in productive and good results.

Self-Learning to play a specific instrument means that you will develop confidence, maturity and a boost to drive growth and maturity in your skillset. Many famous musicians are also self-taught. Hence, music lessons in your home are bound to give you a good learning experience if you actually want to learn.

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