What can you do on Deep Web?

Deep web has a lot of information and if you don’t already know then what we access on internet and search engines is merely 5% of the internet, what lies outside is billions of tor links and this place is known as Deep web. There are a lot of things that one can do in deep web and it is not just about drugs, violence and notorious activities. One can explore a lot of useful information from deep web that you never imagined. Let us look at the activities that you can do on deep web.

Read controversial material by joining a book club

One of the things that can be interesting to find out in deep web is finding a book club that contains thousands of books banned from different countries. If you are not able to find a relevant book on the internet then there should be its copy lying somewhere in deep web. Reading communities have been quite active on deep web and there are different book websites that you can find on deep web and contain different books on controversial subjects that can be explored.

Get to know about Interesting Facts

There are certain websites that would provide you certain interesting facts and let you know some of the things that you never knew. Deep web contains a lot of websites which simply tell you end of the world crisis and about natural disasters that would not imagine ever existed. However, the source of such information may be hidden so you need to be careful while accessing deep web sites.

Get Social

Deep web sites contain different blogs and even social media profiles that can help you meet few interesting people online. Deep web is not like dark web and you can join few social circles there but you need to be careful while accessing any profile or sharing personal information. Rule of the thumb says that you need to be very careful while disclosing any information on deep web sites.

Social Gaming

Another popular way to socialize on deep web is use the idea of social gaming and it will give you a plenty of options like playing chess online with other users on specific website. TheChess is one such website that is there on deep web and allows users to login and start playing chess online with other users. Likewise, you can also explore other gaming websites and try to have fun on Deep web.


Deep web has a lot of websites that contain porn and some of the websites contain original copy of porn movies and DVD’s so if you are a porn lover then exploring such websites could be your love. Although you need to be susceptible while exploring any suspicious links on such websites because these links may direct you to child porn which is illegal and get you into trouble. It is important to be choosy and be careful while accessing any information on deep web sites.


Another popular sport or activity that you can involve in deep web is gambling on sports. This is something which may be banned on many countries but it can be fun to try gambling on deep web if you rely on the source of website. However, you need to be careful while accessing deep web and keep a close check on the website that you are exploring because some of the information can be critical and even impacting as well.

Ensure that you keep your system safe and install crucial privacy policies or measures wherever possible. You can even try doing some gambling but ensure that you don’t use your card for any transaction because of the fear of leaking its crucial information.


There are certain websites on deep web that also provide details about experiments carried out by different countries and locally. It is a good source of information if you are really inquisitive to know about different type of experiments and how they were conducted.

Know about Aliens

One of the biggest myths today is about Aliens and whether they really exist. If you are inquisitive to know about, check out some of the deep web sites and you will find evidences of alien attacks and invasions happening. Some of the information might be hoax but it is always good to know some cool information. Apart from aliens you can also know about our universe and secrets it contains.

The Last Words

Deep web is a fun and interesting part of internet and contains a lot of information that you never imagined. However, before accessing it, you need to secure your system and be careful while accessing any of the website because there might be hackers, virus or any malware waiting to catch you. Still, deep web can be interesting and enjoyable experience.

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