What is your latest single ‘One In A Million’ about?

One in a Million is about a girl who has simply taken my breath away and has left me starstruck on the night. Throughout the night I simply want to be with her, get close to her, dance with her and reinforce to her that there is no one else like her. From within, the girl knows that I have my eyes set on her and knows that she is one in a million and hence wants me to try harder to convince her that I am the right person for her.

Did anyone or anything in particular inspired you to write this song? 

No I would not say any one thing inspired me to write about this song. Sometimes as an artist you always think about topics that your audience would engage with and be able to connect with. I personally thought that a song like this was perfect for my audience.

Tell us about the recording and writing process, how did the song come together? What was it like to work with Vee Music and how did that relationship develop? 

The song actually came together by a writer who I was working with beforehand was good friend of Vee’s. He kept on telling me that I need to introduce you to someone as I believe you both would create something magical. So that is really how it came together. Once I had met Vee we chilled together so we both got to know each others vibes. Then Vee sent me something over and I was like yes literally this is the one. I started writing the song together with Vee and Wundah and a few weeks later I recorded the single. The single was then pretty much done. It was a great honour to work with Vee as he has had so much success lately especially within in the International Billboard charts. But simply the fact to learn from their wealth of experience is something that can only make you a better artist.

How much did he get to influence the song?

We influenced the song roughly in the same amount. Writing wise we both made our ideas heard and production wise would be where Vee took more of the control.

Do you tend to take a different approach when you are collaborating with someone else rather than working on your own?

No I would say the approach is exactly the same. I try to come up with as many melodies as possible for the song and then once I have found the right melody, I will then start to write the lyrics. However, the only difference when you are working with someone else is that you can bounce off each others ideas and this always leads to a different aspect that you may have not considered in your writing. This would usually lead to an even stronger melody.

How has Michael Jackson and Craig David influenced your music?

Michael Jackson has influenced me massively as I grew up listening to his music and watching him perform. One thing I have tried to learn from Micheal Jackson is the control he has over his voice and the way he makes it look effortless. Not only that, the emotion he conveys in his song and the way he can incorporate that but yet still make the song so catchy. So even by incorporating some of the small things Micheal did would make my songs go that extra mile. Likewise, Craig has influenced massively as I feel my voice has also the soft and smooth feel. Also, I used to love the way Craig would do the singing/fast rap style in his songs and I would also try to emulate that too.

What role does growing up in South London play in your writing? 

I believe growing up in South London has a massive part to play in your writing as you would incorporate things that may be happening in your area into your songs. Furthermore, there are so many styles of music in South London, for example rap has always been big in South London so I believe all the different styles you come across in South London influence your writing. Finally, there have been so many great artists to come from South London for example Adele, Stormzy so you look up to these artists and try to emulate their success.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along? 

Absolutely, I am always working on new material. I can guarantee you that you will not have to wait long for the next single as it is ready and sounds amazing! It has been produced by another chart topping producer and so I cannot wait for you all to hear it.

Any tentative release date or title in mind? 

I am looking at releasing the next single in October so not long at all to wait. Infact, we are shooting the music video in September. So make sure you look out for it by following my socials.

Any plans to hit the road and tour? 

Not just yet. I am performing at events so you can certainly catch me there but I still feel I need to keep working on more content and develop myself further as an artist. Once I believe that is done I certainly will be ready for a tour.

What else is happening next in K Zie’s world? 

As mentioned earlier, I have a few events coming up where you can catch me live in UK. Also, I will be shooting my next music video in September. There may even be a school tour on the way so look out for that too. Other than that I am as always working on some great new music for you all.

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