Best Washing Machines In India In 2019

When we talk about household appliances, washing machines are considered to be a vital part. It helps you with your daily household work and is a must in today’s fast life.

 And if you are still washing your clothes with manual labor, you have been living in caves as there is absolutely no reason to not get yourself a life savior. If you believe washing machines to be expensive, you are wrong. You can get any type of machine by the best brands in the market in the budget suitable to you. Isn’t that a relief?

 To help you buy your very best washing machine we are jotting down a list of the best washing machines in India. Read through for the list.


  1. Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier 702SD  7 Kg Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

For the opening of the list, we bring one of the best brands forward. Whirlpool’s white magic premier is the best fit. With the capacity of 7 kg and 31kg weight,  the best seller washing machine offers multiple cool features to lower down your daily chores burden. The appliance as suggested by the name is top loaded and fully automatic. Not only that, it has 12 different washing programs for you to choose from according to your convenience based on the amount and type of wash your clothes require including daily, heavy, spin, woolens, whites and more.

The machine has an additional feature that makes it suitable for cleaning your clothes even with hard water and uses the ZPF technology letting the tub to fill 50% faster in case of low pressure. It also uses power scrub technology that rubs the clothes from 3 surfaces giving the best wash. The machine comes in grey color with a cool sleek design, adding value to your home not only technically but aesthetically as well. A child lock is added to prevent accidental tampering with the wash settings. The whirlpool white magic premiere surely is one of the best washing machines in India.

  1. Samsung WA65M4100HV/TL 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

With the capacity of 6.5 kg, Samsung WA65M4100H/TL is top loaded and fully automatic that turns your dirty clothes into the cleanest fabric without any detergent smell and residue by using a minimal amount of water.

It has a magic filter fitted that prevents the drain blockage by the particles that release from the fabric during the washing. The door is made of tempered glass that makes it easier for you to check the washing. Do not worry! The glass is easy to clean. The plastic interior prevents the machine parts to get rusted.

The spin drum has diamond-shaped drum holes at the base that maintains the fabric quality and provides safe care to them from the vigorous spinning. Your clothes are damage-free and safe. The machine holds an air turbo drying system that reduces the drying time even of the heavy blankets. Samsung has many best washing machine models and this one is one of them. You can go blindly for this.

  1. IFB Senator Aqua SX 8Kg Fully Automatic Front-load Washing Machine

IFB senator aqua SX has the capacity of 8 kg and fully automatic and front-loaded washing machine. The machine offers multiple washing programs besides other commendable washing systems it uses. It works on an air bubble wash system which releases bubbles in the water and activates the detergent particles giving the perfect wash by removing every dirt particle and stain. It has a fitted aqua energie system that softens the hard water which is supposed to be the best water for cloth washes.

The 3D wash system lets each part of every cloth soak completely leaving the detergent to reach every place. IFB senator also features a child lock to prevent accidental tampering with the settings.

  1. Whirlpool 360 Degree Bloom wash Ultra 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Another product by whirlpool is its 360-degree bloom wash ultra which has a capacity of 7 kg and also comes with 12 wash programs. These programs are again dependent on the type and amount of clothes that are being washed in on go giving you the convenience you desire.

The whirlpool 360-degree bloom wash ultra showcases impeccable washing technique which pushes it as one of the best washing machines of the year. It uses a 360-degree bloom wash along with 6th sense tumble care that weighs the load and moves the clothes accordingly in 360-degree tumble motion to make them cleanest as ever. To add on to the cleaning, it has an inbuilt heater that heats up the water to remove tough stains. Not only that, it has 4 different drying levels enhancing the drying process by 20%. This washing machine can be blindly trusted and you need not worry about the interior of your home as it just beautifies it more.

  1. Haier HWM58-020 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The last one in the list of best washing machines in India is by Haier. Haier HWM58-020 has a low capacity of 5.8 kg and is best suited for a small family as also costs less. But with low cost, it provides a number of amazing features. It is top loaded and fully automatic as suggested by the name. It offers 6 wash programs with an additional quick wash feature that washes clothes in less time.

It manages the time accordingly based on the amount of clothes that are being washed. The single spin tub can wash and dry the clothes. The special drum holes at the base of spin tub ensure your clothes safety and the quadra flow pulsator gives the perfect clean wash without tangling the clothes.

Haier is highly recommended for a few members and is a great deal.


Now that you know all the best washing machines in India, you can easily choose from them according to your budget. We guarantee you that these products are the best and would deliver the best giving your dirty clothes the perfect wash that they deserve. So go and save yourself from the hectic household work and buy a brand new washing machine as an added beauty to your lives.

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