New Growlers meets old Growlers on summer single “Foghorn Town”

Los Angeles-based psych rockers The Growlers dropped their summer single “Foghorn Town” this week, the second release from their anticipated upcoming LP Natural Affair. Currently on tour in Europe, the band’s playing sold-out shows and winning new fans worldwide with their 80s-infused take on that all-American sound of raw, rumbling garage rock.

“I had to leave our scene in Dana Point,” explains singer Brooks Nielsen. “All year long it’s foggy; I lived by the beach where you could hear foghorns around the clock. It was a bunch of drug addicts telling us we were idiots, that we’d never make it. The song takes a turn from the dark side to an opposite perspective, a more encouraging sound, the sound of us getting out of there – of finding your way to a better place.”

The verse is that cool toned laid back California sound we’ve become accustomed to from this band… as the single almost immediately shifts its weight to a more bright, optimistic chorus, finished off with a razor-wire lead guitar slicing through the mix and into your heart. It’s the old Growlers and the new Growlers dancing hand in hand, sweating to the oldies, perfect for poolside hangs and late night jams.

Listen here

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