Unpopular Opinion Corner: Pixar Movies Look Terrible

We all have unpopular opinions. They are not hot takes. They are genuine feelings that resonate in the core of our souls. Sometimes, we feel the need to give voice to this controversial feelings. Here is our Unpopular Opinion Corner. Consider it a chance for us to have a therapy session while also squeezing an article out of it. It’s called multitasking.

Pixar changed animation. This is actually kind of literal. Toy Story was the first feature-length movie that was completely computer animated. Since then, they have reshaped and dominated the animation game. Outstanding Animated Feature was basically created because of Pixar, and they won seven of those in a row for which they were eligible, ranging from Ratatouille through Coco. Kids love these movies. Adults love them. Parents watch them with their kids and cry. Kids who grew up on Toy Story are now taking their children to Toy Story 4. They are almost universally beloved. I say “almost,” because I’m not in that universe.

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Yes, I do not like the Pixar movies. In fact, I find them actively unpleasant. I am not against animation. I am not against films for families. I liked the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs movie, for example. Did I like LEGO Batman? You bet. Heck, I watch Powerpuff Girls, mostly because I like the animation style (also because it’s usually pretty funny, though it does skew toward a young audience with some of its jokes). I don’t even necessarily think that the storytelling is bad in these films. Is it great? Nah, but it’s for families. They have to tell stories kids can understand. I was able to accept a “be yourself” message being thumped over my head by Cloudy. That’s the nature of the best.

No, the problem is that I HATE the way Pixar movies look. From Toy Story through now, they look like garbage. In particular, its human characters look awful. Doubly in particular, when a movie has both non-human and human characters, the people look even worse. Take, for example, Inside Out. People loved it! They cried their little eyes out. The trailers and commercials for that movie were a living nightmare. The people were so deeply in the uncanny valley it little shook me to my core. I have an image burned in my brain of Riley as a baby running around with a wild-eyed look on her face that disturbed me more than some torture scenes I’ve seen. I fear accidentally seeing it again.

This has been a problem since Toy Story. Andy and Sid both look insane. Nothing has changed. I hate the way Pixar renders people in their animated world. I can’t watch a movie where looking at it is revolting to me. I skip Pixar movies these days, because one look at the trailer tells me that the nightmare fuel is still present. The only Pixar movies that are safe to me are the Cars films. Ironically, those are the ones that are badly written, and involve more Larry the Cable Guy than the medical community recommends.

Sorry, Pixar. You just aren’t for me. You may have changed animation, but what you’ve done with it is a crime against nature.

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