Tricks to Make Your Paper Longer

As a student, you have probably found yourself in a situation where you were struggling to meet up with your professor’s word or page requirements for an essay. We understand this challenge as many college students who request free college essays on often stress that they want their papers to be longer. The good news is that you can get a long essay for free and even lengthen your essay by yourself. After reading this piece and studying the examples given, you will understand how to make your paper look longer. Feel free to use these tips in your writing!

How to Make an Essay Longer: A Word of Caution

Before we roll out the tricks to making your work look longer and occupying more pages, it is good to make this warning. Your work is going to be assessed by the quality of the content and not necessarily on the number of pages or sentences you write. As such, before you apply the tricks we have for you here, make sure you have covered your topic or subject matter to details. You should go over your sentences or points again to be sure you have not left anything out.

Once you take care of this, you can start applying some or all of the tricks to make your paper longer.

  1.     Get Rid of the Contractions

Ordinarily, you are not supposed to use contractions in formal writings such as a college essay. So, when you quiz yourself on how to make your paper look longer, the first thing you should check is if you have not used contractions in your writing. You would discover that once you write the can’ts, won’ts, and wouldn’ts, in their full form, the number of words would naturally increase and your page number would increase too.

  1.     Spell Out the Numbers

Another smart trick you can play on your professor is to write all your numbers in words. And good enough, all numbers in most college essays can be written in words except for maybe the numbering of sentences and topics. Imagine converting something like 107,000 into words. You would have one hundred and seven thousand, which amounts to five words as against one word if you write it in figures.

  1.     Give Examples

This is a very smart trick on how to add more words to an essay. If you have made a claim in your writing, provide examples to validate them. Apart from adding more words to your piece, it makes your essay outstanding. One way do so is to go into details with each example that you have. Provide time, statistics, and reports associated with your example and watch your essay grow.

  1.     Increase Font Size

You have to be ingenious in doing this because your teacher would probably be on the lookout for some ridiculous spacing by you. Traditionally, college essays have font and spacing standards. Most would request double spacing and font size of not more than 14. You can play smart hereby increasing the prescribed font size by up to 0.5. You can also increase the spacing by some fractions too. When printed on paper, it would be hard to discern between 14 and 14.5, but the 0.5 difference would have helped shoot up your page number.

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  1.     Use Quotations

There is hardly any college paper that does not have relevant works on it. Get experts’ opinions on your topic and insert their words straight into your essay. Imagine if you found ten relevant quotations of a hundred words each, that’s a thousand word already! It’s such a free way of filling up the pages and giving more credence to your work. However, you should never forget to give proper credit to the original author, or you would be penalized for plagiarism.

  1.     Don’t Forget Transition Phrases

Transitional phrases are what their name says they are. They help to move from one statement or expression to the other. The good news for you here is that these phrases come in as much as four to five words. Examples include “in other words,” “be that as it may,” “to put things in another context,” and so on. Having as many of these transitional phrases in your college essays as would make sense would help add more words and lengthen your essay.

How to Make an Essay Longer: Conclusion

These are just a few of the many tricks you can apply in extending the pages of your write-up. You will need discretion while applying them; otherwise, your professor would catch you and punish you with poor grades. But be aware that tricks that reduce font size and spacing will not deceive a word counter. So, consider those that really add more words to your essay.

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