More than two hundred celebrities have signed a letter to the Latinx community

Reportedly more than two hundred of Latinx activists, music artists, and civil rights representatives have signed a letter to the Latinx community with a clear purpose to take a stand for their group. Their main goal at the moment is that friends from Hollywood and the rest of the world take the same stance.

The initial event happened on 16th August 2019 when an open letter to the Latinx community was published in different newspapers – La Opinion, El Diari, New York Times and El Nuevo Herald. That letter was designed and created by writer Alex Martinez Kondracke & activist Monica Ramirez, with a huge help coming from Hollywood actors like Eva Longoria, Olga Segura, America Ferrera, and Diane Guerrero. It gained a lot of popularity and led to new signatures coming from world-known celebrities Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, and Ricky Martin. The cover of this letter is giving open support to Latinx community members who are feeling stranded, heartbroken or depressed. It is also acknowledging some of the attacks against Latinx community members, hate crimes low awareness. Some of the text also refers from many cases of separated families, imprisoned children, ICE raids with the purpose to frighten innocent civilians and break their spirits.

Later on, all the celebrities who have signed the letter continue with motivating words that this community is not going to be silenced, so they will continue to point out any sort of hateful or inhumane behavior towards them, demanding justice from the authorities. All of the supporters of this letter are urging for action and other people who have problems to speak up. Contribution of valuable information to organizations which support Latinx community was marked as very important for the growth of this call.

Eva Longoria spoke a lot about the moral crisis in the USA in the last couple of years. She urges all readers to always choose humanity regardless of what community they belong to and to expel every form of violence or hatred from the country. According to many journalists, this letter was a response to the most recent ICE raid in Mississippi where more than 700 members of Latinx community were arrested because of undocumented work. This also resulted in many children being separated from their families. This action occurred on the same day when the USA President Donald Trump was paying a visit to El Paso. Judging by the odds presented by a leading best betting sites comparison website in the UK, Donald Trump is still the first favorite to get re-elected priced at +100 odds, followed by Elizabeth Warren +450, Joe Biden at +500, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and others.

The reason behind the visit was the recent mass shooting where 22 persons were killed (a majority of them were members of the Latinx community). It is not a secret that Trump openly marked Mexicans for troubles in Texas. His supporters are also sending negative messages according to this letter when mentioning any of the Black or brown people communities.

America Ferrera stated that she fears for the future of the USA when all cultural and policy decisions are sometimes ignoring basic respect for human beings. She continued expressing disappointment and very low level of dignity and humanity currently present in the States. She also felt obligated to sign the letter, support the whole initiative and demand justice.

Some of the organizations have reacted very fast to the latest news and already set up ways to help the separated children and families. Head Director of The TX Civil Rights Project, Jaimes Perez has already explained how to support the whole initiative. Latinx supporters are advised to do research on local community institutions and get informed about potential protests because of the recent actions. Is this going to have a big impact on upcoming presidential elections in 2020? Probably yes.

The last thing Guerrero mentioned in the latest interview in fear of continued inaction. He is strongly against family separation and rhetoric of hatred, marking it as one of the key issues present in the country. He once again urged for authorities to solve the situation and avoid another potential tragedy.

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