INTERVIEW: Leyton Benta

Hi Leyton, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I am very well thank you! There isn’t a day where there isn’t a challenge being faced, or faith that isn’t being tested, however I am always moving forward.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Chrysalis Smile”?

Chrysalis Smile is a song which I personally feel is needed, so that people all over the world can visualize and acknowledge that we need to remember that children with any sort of disabilities how great or small, can feel that they are able to be part of society and not feel rejected. They can achieve greater purposes.

Was this always meant to be a sort of tribute for these group of people or it rather evolve into this?

No. It wasn’t meant to be sort of tribute to these group of people, but at the time with this person from Manchester contacting me about the special needs. I just thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to do this tribute to them.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Just by recognising what was missing in the world that needed to be fulfilled.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

I spent several nights with no sleep due to planning how I wanted this visual to reflect the record. I was on Microsoft word breaking down the scenes step by step…searching over 20 locations to find the right spaces to shoot this video for a certain deadline. I’ve had numerous rejections throughout the process, but through being very persistent. I had success with finding three different locations. Two in London, and one is New Zealand. I even contacted a lady who was from there, who ran a special needs organisation. I had filming also shot there to help raise furthermore awareness to be able to break the cycle of the norm that was being unrecognised. I found a team who I felt could embody my vision and finally we got everything together.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was emotional and intense for me personally, but easy to write, as all I was doing was writing of what was in my heart. That’s all it was. There wasn’t a structure to how I was going to do it. I knew my purpose and where it was coming from. In my mind I always think. ‘Everything must be right, because once it is out there. You can never get it back.’ The recording process was as followed to being a huge accomplishment in the end. The content was very powerful, and knew that it will reach and will only continue to reach many people in the world.

How did you and Chrysalis Coin come together for this song?

I was in the united states at the time in the middle of composing music, and was contacted through my email by a man called ‘Bill Must’, who lives in Manchester. He has been following my work for a very long time, and asked if I was interested in writing and composing a song for a charity based in Canada called ‘Chrysalis Coin’ for children with disabilities. He personally felt that I was the right man for the job, as he knew that I would deliver and also, that I have a lot of substance in my content. It’s amazing how the universe worked, and was in sync, because at that very moment. I was already in the process of writing a song based on children. So, the fact that came to present. I knew that this was a special calling for me.

What made you want to join forces with them beyond writing and playing the song?

I wanted to project love and authenticity onto those who have felt that they were forgotten in today’s society. I felt children with disabilities/disadvantages, were overlooked and misunderstood, and have been for a very long time, which had given myself the need to emphasise equality towards youth of all ages, races and backgrounds globally. We are all one. We are all unique. We all have a voice. I wanted to be a vessel of light to be able to speak out for children who couldn’t. To be the hope, as they open their eyes every morning to take on the world. To be the hand to hold them together when they feel that they are on their own. Being their strength to erase fear and doubt from their minds and hearts. Everything is about message and impact through timeless forms to influence better change.

How can other people come in and collaborate?

I personally feel that people who acknowledge my journey who generally believe in my work will show up. I always believe that support will always arrive at universal timing. People who have the heart and the greatest intentions are always welcome onto this journey.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

Oh, absolutely! Already in the process of working on my album. Started writing and composing last December 2018 till mid-August 2019. I even collaborated with a producer from South Carolina who understood the sound and history of where my music comes from. As this is all being funded by myself because I’m independent, there may be a possibility of someone that will also invest into this project, as they have witnessed the continuous growth and hard work that I have been putting in throughout all the years of doing everything on my own. And even achieving a lot on my own. Soon yet to start recording and making plans for the studio.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

All to be confirmed.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes! Once my album is fully completed. I will start making plans to travel abroad to start performing.

What else is happening next in Leyton Benta’s world?

After winning recently the awards of ‘Best singer Act’, and ‘Best Single Release’ (Chrysalis Smile) for the Dcs & Hotshots recognition awards. There will be an awards ceremony that will be taking place in October the 5TH. I will also have an exclusive performance that evening.

In general, for me the work never stops. Always raising the awareness forward with my brand globally.

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