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At all times, clothing has been given great importance not only as to the way to protect oneself from the cold but also as a status, beauty, and character traits attribute. That is why it’s important to dress the baby in clothes specifically designed for a particular occasion. In such a way, the children get the opportunity to develop physically and intellectually, as well as to learn the way to express their personality.

How to Choose Clothes for the Baby

Choosing toddler fashion clothing at https://thetrendytoddlers.com/ is one of the greatest pleasures for parents. The criteria by which the baby evaluates clothes are completely different from the criteria parents do. For new clothes to bring joy to the child, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Comfort. This is the most important criterion. The cut should be simple, clothing should not hamper the movements of the newborn baby, as well as it should not have any decorative stripes, buttons, tight elastic bands, beads, sequins. Pockets are completely useless for a baby. Choosing one or another item, try to figure out how simple it will be to put it on and take it off. A narrow neck, a short zipper, tight elastic bands, small buttons – all these will give you and your child additional troubles.

  • Size. Buy not tight and not too big clothes. It’s hard for a baby to move arms and legs if the clothes are too tight. Choose fabrics made from natural materials, 100% cotton or with polyester or acrylic addition. Natural wool can cause allergies, while cashmere, despite its softness, can’t be washed often which makes it completely impractical.

  • Color. Clothing of a newborn baby should be bright and light at the same time. The kid who is dressed “cheerfully” rarely has communicative problems. However, the main thing is not to overdo and have a sense of proportion. In the first months of newborn baby life, buy clothing in soft pastel shades: pale pink, sky blue, light yellow, beige.

  • Quality. Baby’s clothing should be sewn from natural materials that are pleasant to touch. The newborn child will be comfortable in such clothes since natural materials let the skin breathe.

  • Clothing for the baby must have neat imperceptible seams (for example, flat seams), perfectly crafted loops, fixed buttons. You should also pay attention to how clothes tolerate washing. Clothing for newborn babies must comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements, as well as have appropriate certificates.

At The Trendy Toddlers, you can choose clothes for babies as per all of the above-mentioned criteria. The models presented in the range are of high quality, comfortable, and made using natural materials only.

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