Do You Know Where Outlook Stores Your Mails?

If to ask anyone where Outlook stores emails, the answer will probably be on the PC in the PST  format. However, it is not always so. Mails can be stored on both the server and the local computer. There are 2 types of folders for storing mail – personal and archive. So, what is the difference? Let’s find out.

Where to Store Files?

The free space on the PC that receives email is not infinite. Sooner or later, you’ll want to know how you can create personal files for your emails. You can store these files locally on your laptop, where you will not have size limits set by someone else. Thus, MS Outlook allows you to create local data files in PST format, which will actually be located on the local PC. For this, you can use data extraction kit for outlook by following which will do this job for you.

The user can think that the email is hosted on his or her  computer because it can be viewed there. In fact, when working with the Microsoft web-based email service, most letters remain on the server until the user moves them to another location. Using personal folder files offers several advantages:

1)     No reminders

When storing all the email in the Inbox folder located on the server, sooner or later you will be asked to clean the mailbox. In some cases, such reminders may contain a threat to block the box until the user fulfills these requirements. Storing email in the local folder file frees you from receiving this kind of notification.

2)     No overloading

When storing less important letters in a separate folder, you can concentrate on the most important emails.

3)     Reduce disk space usage

The ability to compress personal folder files makes them the most efficient way to store messages. The less disk space is occupied by files, the more of it remains at the user’s disposal.

4)     Freedom of movement

PST files can be moved from one laptop to another, as well as stored on a CD. You can also store these files on a PC shared with other users and assign a password to control access to correspondence.

Meanwhile, archive and personal folders are not part of the mailbox. To store correspondence in a personal folders file, you can use both personal and archive folders, or both types at the same time.

What is the Difference Between Archive and Personal Folders?

It is important to consider two points from the very beginning.

Letters stored in the PST file are not available from the email server. They are located on the local PC, and the user, when switching to another gadget, will not read these messages until he moves them to a new PC.

Only one user can work with a PST file at a time. Even if the computer is provided for general use, and there are also permissions to access the personal folders file for several users, each of them must close the PST file so that the other user can open it.

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