Best Way to use Grow tent Kits In Canada

Many people would love to start their own garden however an outdoor garden is not always a viable option. Many people lack the space, living in apartments or properties without the backyards or spacious lawns. Others live in inclement environments where the soil is poor, or the weather is not conducive to traditional gardening.

To overcome these setbacks many, move their gardens indoors, converting extra rooms or unused closet space into a growing area. However, this approach has its own problems.

If you live in Canada or the Northern United States, then a grow tent may be the solution to your gardening troubles.

What is a Grow Tent?

A grow tent is a (plastic or canvas) tent equipped with plastic shelves and interior lighting. The walls are designed to hold in heat, creating an environment conducive to plant growth within the small, enclosed space.

Why Use a Grow Tent?

When it comes it indoor gardening, more space isn’t always better. Converting an entire room into a growing area can be expensive, as it takes more equipment and energy to light and heat that room properly. Along with the strain on your energy bill, the heat generated in one room can leak out into others, turning your home into a swamp if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Meanwhile, storing large amounts of plants in your home can attract insects and pests.

A grow tent limits space but creates a manageable environment where your garden can flourish with limited impact on your heating or electric bills.

Mobility and Privacy

As an additional benefit, since it offers a self-contained environment, a growing tent can be picked up and moved to any location with very little effort. This makes moving and traveling a much easier process and limits the chances that you will return home to find a growing room full of dead plants. It’s small size and mobility also means that the growing kit can be kept out of sight, in case you’d prefer to keep your gardening hobby a private pursuit. When guests are over, simply zip up the tent and store it in a closet, attic, basement, or other out of the way spot in the house.

Grow Tent Functionality

A grow tent can be equipped for either soil growing or hydroponics. Hydroponic gardens typically offer less yield but higher overall plant quality.

Growing tents come with their own built in ventilation system as well. Not only does this use allow for an adjustable and controllable interior temperature, it also means that the tent is odor proof. Unpleasant scents are dispelled through the use of exhaust fans and C02 filters so that your indoor garden doesn’t spread a funk throughout the rest of the house.

Why Buy a Grow Tent Kit?

Buying a complete grow tent kit simply saves you money.  Usually most companies give you a discount for buying all the items at once from them therefore it can save you a lot of money in the end.  Also buying a kit means all the pieces will work together.  Sometimes buying just

Items individually might cause some compatibility issues.   You can take a look at this link for more information on Grow Tent Kits:

Because of their space conservation, low energy usage, mobility, and adaptability, grow tents are the ideal choice for indoor gardeners. If you want to start planting but live in areas with cold climates, poor soil, or inconsistent weather, then a growing tent is a great tool to help get you started.

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