Supplement Education: Pros and Cons of Supplements

No matter if you want to boost your athletic performance, make your recovery from health issues quicker or just wish to become a healthier and stronger human, you probably consider adding some supplementation to your diet. However, there are some things we need to learn regarding supplements, just like the immunocal pros and cons that are raving in the market today.

They can help you with your bad diet

If you never seem to wake up in time to grab breakfast at home and need to resort to coffee and a croissant every day, you won’t get too many nutrients in your body. If you choose to hit Subway for lunch and pick something to throw into the microwave when you get home, you’ll skip a lot of essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. Luckily, you can undo some of that damage with proper supplements and give your body all the nutrients it needs.

They can improve your health

Many doctors and health specialists recommend that pregnant women take folic acid supplements during pregnancy to prevent spina bifida in their kids. Physicians and psychiatrists also often choose to treat their patients with vitamin D supplements to improve their bone conditions and various mental health problems from depression to anxiety. Since vitamin D is best absorbed from the sun, if you know you don’t spend enough time outside, make sure to grab some “sunshine” vitamin supplements.

They can make your brain work better

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements are extremely popular today. Aside from having great effect on heart health, asthma and various skin conditions, omega-3 also prevents depression and anxiety. However, that’s not all. In some cases, it can also boost kids’ learning ability and help with ADHD. Essentially, it can make you smarter and healthier both physically and mentally.

They can make you a better athlete

Every athlete, even us weekend warriors who don’t make the best use of our gym memberships, knows that nutrition is crucial for performance. While you can get your energy from food and drinks, there are also various dietary supplements that can make your nutritional needs easier to reach. Today, companies like Bulk Nutrients offer a wide variety of supplements that help people train harder and longer and achieve better results. From pre-, intra- and post-workout formulas to protein-enriched desserts and hydration drinks, you can find a full palette for supplements that will bring your performance up a notch and allow you to have more pleasant workouts and faster recovery. You could also go ahead and buy monatomic gold online. This supplement works with the pituitary gland to increase hormone production, reinvigorating the body.

They have absorption limits

While supplements have so many amazing benefits, they don’t come without some cons. While you might want to grab supplements that come in high dosages to supply your body with only the best products, your body often chooses to absorb a tiny amount of vitamins or minerals you ingest. This means you’re literally flushing your money down the drain (in certain cases). Plus, if you’re constantly giving your body artificial nutrients, it will get lazy and refuse to absorb nutrients from real food.

They can mess with your medication

Everyone who takes medication needs to visit their doctor before they start any supplementation. Some products can clash with your medication, change their effect or even completely stop them from helping your body which can be life-threatening. So, if you suffer from any conditions that need to be regulated with medication, consult with your doctor and seek their opinion on supplements.

They are not an excuse for a poor diet

Supplements are obviously not a perfect source of nutrients, so don’t stop eating healthy and clean foods just because you take supplements. Almost all experts on nutrition agree that food is still the best source of vitamins, minerals and other compounds. While the industry is moving forward, supplements still don’t have the complexity of natural sources of nutrients, so keep your diet clean, healthy and versatile.

You can overdose

While very rare, some supplements can cause an overdose. Vitamins A, D and E are fat-soluble and can result in an OD if they reach toxic levels in your body. So, make sure to always take your supplements as noted on the box or consult with your doctor about the doses.

Certainly not without their flaws, supplements can and will help you improve your health if you combine them with proper diet. The combo of clean eating, exercise and supplementation can make you feel like a super-human!

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