Mersiv & Laika Beats Deliver Storming EP For Wakaan

Armed with two brand-new sounds for bass label Wakaan this week are producers Mersiv and Laika Beats. They have both established a highly immersive style for themselves, and present killer live sets alongside their production skills.

New Kids On Tha Block is well worth checking out if you’re into a classic dubstep sound with a fresh electronic twist. As well as the deep growling title tune, you can hear the uptempo “Dopamine” featuring vocalist Knat Turner.

Laika Beats says: “When we recorded these tracks we were definitely aiming to make anthems that were representative of the bass scene and our friends in Denver. After we had finished both those tracks, all three of us took a road trip and played in a show in Sioux City IA and premiered them for the first time. The crowds’ reactions for both songs is something I will never forget– these tracks inspire a ferocious energy and that perfectly resembles the spirit of Denver and our love for all things music.”

Listen to NKOTB here.

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