What to Do if you are Involved in a Lyft or Uber Accident

What happens when you are in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft car service? There are many parameters involved in this situation because you could be the car service driver, you could be a passenger, or you could be an innocent third party that was injured by an Uber or Lyft collision. On top of that, there are other considerations such as if the app was engaged at the time of the accident or not.

Consulting an Uber accident lawyer or a Lyft accident attorney with the expertise on accidents in the Los Angeles Area will help explain the details of the law and will help guide you in what to do next. Consulting the West Coast Trial Lawyers Firm will give you a team of legal professionals that can help get you just compensation for your sufferings in an Uber or Lyft accident in the LA area whether you’re the driver, a rider, a pedestrian, or the third party driver.

The SOPs of Car Accidents

The first thing any driver should be aware of is the SOPs of car accidents, whether private car, commercial vehicle, or a car service like Lyft and Uber. This is an acronym that means standard operating procedures. These are the necessary steps anyone should follow when they are involved in a car accident. Being informed helps in keeping everyone calm, makes them more alert, and gives them presence of mind to make the right decisions even in catastrophic situations.

Remember when you are involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, follow these basic steps. The first thing you have to do is to make sure everyone involved in the collision is safe. Regardless of the severity, call the authorities. Insurance companies always want a copy of the official police report. If there are injured parties, wait for emergency services to come into the scene to take the victims to the hospital.

If you are able to move, take as many photos of the accident, in all angles. Take video recordings, too. These will later on help serve as proof on who is accountable or not. Also be sure to get everyone’s phone information, from names, contact details, and plate numbers. If you can get away with securing a picture of the license, go ahead and get that, too.

Find witnesses and get their statements. It is also important to get their contact information. Then, contact your insurance provider to give them a heads up about the situation. Stay calm and rational as you do not want to escalate the situation. Finally, when things are settled contact your Lyft accident attorney or Uber accident lawyer to help protect your interest.

What Must Be Done if You’re a Ride Sharing Passenger

Relying on a car service has been much easier and more affordable these days thanks to the Lyft and Uber app. Your day just goes on like any ordinary day, but unfortunately, your ride gets into an accident. Unfortunately, collisions happen and accidents are something that you can never plan for. Thankfully, you’re only rattled, but you are fine.

You have done everything that you should at the scene of the accident. If you’re the passenger of a Lyft or Uber accident, fret not for you will be take cared of. You have suffered the inconvenience of being late for work, of if you have more extensive injuries, you could miss several days from work. The trauma of being in a accident is also nerve-wracking. Being an innocent passenger mean that the wreck is not your fault at all. You are but a mere victim.

On the bright side, Uber has a one million dollar policy that can easily kick in when an Uber driver gets into an accident while a passenger is on board. Lyft also has their own version of this insurance policy. To be able to take advantage of all the policies benefit, you must call your ridesharing accident lawyer to help you figure out the details. These legal professionals have the expertise to get you the justice you deserve for suffering through someone’s negligence and mistakes.

If you’re the passenger in an Uber during an accident, it’s likely not your fault. You should be completely taken care of and able to move on with your life following the accident.

What To Do If You Were A Bystander
If you happen to be an innocent pedestrian or the third party driver, and you were hit by an Uber or a Lyft driver, this is where things become a little complicated. Sometimes, drivers are often out and about, in active search of passengers or on their down times, and each of these varying periods will determine the amount of coverage you can receive from the ridesharing app companies.

Scenario: the Driver Didn’t Have The App On

When the driver has just started his ridesharing shift and the app is not engaged, the burden in this scenario falls only on the driver and his own insurance policy. If the driver is not insured or he is under insured, you have no other recourse but to turn to your own underinsured or uninsured motorists coverage in your own insurance policy. The ridesharing companies are not responsible when the app is not on because the driver is considered off duty.

Scenario: the App Is Turned On But the Driver is Waiting For A Ride Request

In this situation when the app is on, but the driver is merely waiting for a request, note that Lyft and Uber’s insurance will kick in. For Uber, the drivers can be eligible to receive a limited liability insurance coverage. This amounts to fifty thousand dollar per person up to one hundred thousand dollars. It also includes a twenty-five thousand dollars coverage in property damage. Those injured parties, whether pedestrian or the third-party driver/passengers, demanding for other compensation would have to rely on the driver’s insurance. This is one of the pros that ridesharing companies get by not branding their drivers as employees.

Scenario: the Driver Was On The Way To Pick Up A Passenger

When the app is on and the driver is on his way to pick up a passenger, but unfortunately, he bumps into a car, a pedestrian, or some body’s property, this is where the $1 million personal injury insurance coverage comes into play. On top of this, the company’s insurance will pay for full coverage of the damaged vehicles.

The thing that the Uber or Lyft driver has to prove is that he was on the way to pick up the passenger. This can actually easily be corroborated by the GPS on the phone and the app, which both are on active tracking mode to see where the driver is head.

This will be most likely met with much resistance from the company’s insurance providers, so it is the driver’s responsibility to contact a ridesharing accident lawyer soon as possible. It is  always best to be prepared and erring on the side of caution has always proven to be more advantageous as opposed to being lax.

Scenario: the Driving is Giving a Ride to Passenger
This is the easiest one to stake a claim on because the passenger is in the vehicle. Chances of the ridesharing companies refusing the coverage and claims are minimal. But even then, it would be best to contact a reputable lawyer, like the West Coast Trial Lawyers, so you can discuss your case and cover all your bases. You will be more at peace and more confident when you have professionals fighting for you.

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