How Good Music Helps You Study

If you keenly observe people walking on the streets, you will find that a considerable percentage have earphones on. This is proof enough that songs are an essential part of our day to day lives. Listening to music while studying is something that most people do. This paper will try to answer the following questions:

  1. Does music help you study better?

  2. Is studying with music advisable?

  3. Which is the best tune to listen to while reading?

How Does Music Help In Reading?

In the library, you will find some people seriously studying with their headphones on. This does not mean that they are not concentrating. On the contrary, you will discover that the music is helping them concentrate better. So, how does melody help in reading?

1.     Listening to music helps you to focus

Listening to cool and relaxing melody in the background as you study is one way of ensuring that you remain focused. The tune helps to sooth your brain, allowing it to relax and concentrate on the task at hand. This ensures that you grasp everything you are reading. If chosen right, it is not noise.

2.     It also helps avoid stress, panic and anxiety

This is very common, especially when exams are around the corner. Back in college, I would freak out each time I was about to do my exams. This affected my study routine, making it hard for me to concentrate. To ease up the anxiety, I always studied while listening to songs in the background. It worked!

3.     Music also enhances a good and happy mood

The main aim of listening to music while studying is to relax your mind. The songs also help lift your spirits and keep you in an excellent mood. You get to concentrate on your studies and finish all your college essay assignments and theses on time. However, you have to sample different genres of songs and determine which one lifts your spirit.

4.     Listening to songs also enhances endurance and resilience

Imagine you are under pressure, find and understand sample essays on a particular subject or topic from the internet. This doesn’t sound interesting at all, especially to a college student. When looking at free essays from Edusson, you need to be patient and resilient. Studying with music increases your concentration span and keeps you calm enough.

5.     It also helps increase your memory capacity

With soothing and relaxing songs playing in the background, you are able to retain a big percentage of what you read. You are then adequately prepared for any test that comes your way. It is a recipe for success. However, you need to research the most effective music to listen to while reading. How do you expect to read at the tune of music that often makes you dance?

6.     Soothing melody keeps your emotions at bay

With the right study tune, you can heal emotional pain that can hinder brain activity. This helps you to focus on your studies and shut out all those unbearable emotions. It is a chance for you to develop better reading habits.

Is Studying With Music Advisable?

Before you decide to start studying with music, there are a few things that you need to know. For starters, if you are easily distracted, you should avoid listening to music while studying. Your mind will always be attracted by the melody, thus losing focus on your studies. This, of course, can change with gradual, constant practice.

If you play the right tune, you can enjoy all the benefits associated with listening to music while studying. Picking the right melody to listen to will require you to do thorough research online. Different educational experts can give you advice on what suits you best.

Which Is The Best Music To Listen To While Reading?

It is scientifically proven that the right melody can help your brain remember most of what you feed it when reading. Listening to a melody can also help you concentrate on whatever task you are doing when training or practicing your various skills. If you are looking for a training playlist, you must consider some very essential tips, including these below.

  • Choose songs that you are familiar with.

  • Do not include in your playlist songs that you can dance to.

  • If possible, go for instrumental melody that does not have lyrics.

  • Try jazz and classical music in your playlist.

  • Make sure that your songs have a similar rhythm.

  • Consider your old favorites.

  • Get what motivates to carry out the particular task at hand.


If you choose your playlist wisely, you will achieve more in your studies. Apart from building excellent reading habits, listening to melody allows you to relax and increase your concentration span. Listening to music while studying can help you write a better college essay as well. Find what works for you.

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