5 Of The Biggest Benefits Of Email Verification

Creating mailing lists and using email marketing to attract more visitors and get more sales might seem like a swift process, but it isn’t really as easy as it sounds. Sending spam email with repetitive/ inefficient information can cause a big trouble for your business.

Here is where email verifier software and platforms like TheChecker come in. The basic work of these platforms and tools is to run a thorough scan on your email lists, detect irrelevant or dead emails and remove them from your email lists. Here are some major benefits of using an email checker to update your email lists.

Insures The Accuracy Of Your Campaign

Your email marketing can only become successful if you deliver right data to the right people. Otherwise sending a bulk quantity of emails to an irrelevant user base can waste all your money and produce no value in return.

An email checker checks and verifies that all the emails on your mailing list are accurate and active, this can save you a considerable amount of money and time.

Decreases The Bounce Rate

Email bounces can happen if the emails you send fail to be delivered. Email checkers scan your mailing list and only leaves the emails which are fully valid and are ready to receive your marketing messages.

A clear email list won’t have any bounces when you send a message to the masses , this also saves time and money.

Makes Everything Clear

When you have all the active email addresses in your mailing list, everything about your marketing becomes clear, also when each and every email you send gets delivered, you’ll be left with accurate stats to study, analyze and mend your marketing campaign to get more results fast.

A huge benefit for cleaning your email lists is that you know every response you get is genuine and there are no role or dead emails involved, you can change your content later on to attract more customers if the existing content. isn’t working well.

Boosts ROI

ROI (return on investment) is the net profit you make against the money you’ve spent in any particular investment.

Cleaning your email lists with an email checker before sending the email lets you send less emails (only to the active mails), so, you’re already spending less money than you would otherwise. Sending targeted emails also increases your chances of getting more sales, and thus your ROI increases over time.

Avoids Large Fines

Before starting an email marketing campaign, you have to register your email with an ESP (email service provider) to get a proper platform and the legal right to send marketing emails in a bulk quantity. But if your campaign is causing hard bounces, or getting negative responses, your ESP might warn you once or twice before cutting the service completely and even fining you for any damage caused to their servers because of those bounces.

So, it is better to keep a hygienic email list and get it scanned by an email verification service occasionally to avoid warnings, fines and punishment.

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