Why You Should Take Your Workout Outside

Do you often feel like a hamster running on a treadmill or a prisoner lifting iron when you hit your gym? You work and work and work and get nowhere, just staring at a mirror or a wall. Well, it’s time to leave that cage behind and take your workouts outside. This will not only be more exciting and sun-showered way to exercise, but you can reap so many amazing benefits by ditching the gym. Here’s a little text that will definitely encourage you to move your workouts outdoors.

You’ll burn more calories

Ellipticals and treadmills are very limiting when it comes to your range of movement. Sure, you can adjust the incline and resistance, but that’s about as far as you can go. But, when you go running outside, you’ll come across all sorts of complex terrains that require you to use all your muscles. Running on rugged terrain, jumping over holes and climbing little hills creates so-called “muscle confusion” that allows you to activate more muscles and burn more calories. People who work out outside also have longer sessions, because they don’t have a stopwatch right in front of them at all times. It’s very easy to lose track of time when you’re running through a gorgeous park or your local forest.

You’ll breathe better

Fresh outdoor air is so much better than recycled air of your stuffy gym. Oxygen-rich air will give you more energy and make you feel completely awake and ready to tackle your reps!

You’ll get some sun

Vitamin D you get from the sun affects everything from your physical to your emotional and mental health. So, if you take your workouts outside, expect to catch a lot more of this “sunshine vitamin” than when workout out in the gym.

You’ll get some extra sweat on

In the summer, you’ll definitely sweat it out a lot more when you hit the park than your air-conditioned gym. Sweating is great for your body and it can de-clog your pores, get all the toxins out and fight illness. It’s cold outside? Check out some high-performance puffer jackets and you’ll stay warm and dry on the move. Combine it with a moisture-wicking base layer and no type of weather will prevent you from getting your outdoor workout!

You’ll connect with nature

Modern humans spend almost all of their time inside. We sleep inside, commute to work in trains and cars, sit in front of the computer for 8 hours, go to the gym, go back home, watch TV and go to sleep. So, working out outside is a great way to break that indoor cycle and soak up the nature that surrounds us. Spending time in green environments helps clear your mind and reduce stress while helping with focus and relaxation. This is great if you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately.

You have more space

No matter how big and high-tech your gym is, it’s always more crapped than the great outdoors, especially after 5 when everyone rushes to get their workout done. So, forget about people-packed gyms and studios and go distress outside. Working out outside gives you all the space you need to get away from people and concentrate on your exercises, posture and breathing. Everything from your local park to your own backyard will work perfectly. You will feel so much freer and inspired when you don’t have to share your space with 50 other sweaty people.

You’ll save money

Gyms today are super overpriced, while workout out outside is completely free. All you need is some gear (good shoes and a jacket if it’s cold) and you’re ready for your workout. That money you’ll save can be invested in other things that will help your journey towards becoming a healthier person. For instance, skip the gym for one year and you’ll save up enough money for a second vacation, get season tickets for your fave sports team or just splurge on some new clothes.

You’ll improve your creativity

Regulars at the gym always use the same machines and do the same exercises. However, if you move your workout outside, you’ll find yourself in a whole new environment that requires you to use your creativity. See those stairs? Use them to get your cardio. Or those benches? Utilize them for your tricep dips or inclined pushups. All you need to do is think outside the box, open your mind and you’ll see a whole new world of fitness possibilities.

You’ll feel less bored

Workout out outdoors is just more dynamic and unpredictable. Every day is different and every environment offers new obstacles and challenges. Even if you always hit the same park or same trail, you’ll encounter new people, new weather and have a unique workout.

So, forget all about expensive gym memberships and move your workouts outside today. You’ll not only get a high-quality workout but also feel much better mentally and emotionally when you enjoy the great outdoors than a stuffy gym.

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